Server keeps crasing.

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  1. *Crashing. Title typo.
  2. If it says you ran out of memory, you ran out if memory. How much do you have allocated, and what plugins do you use?
    Edit: forgot crash reports show ram
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  3. Can you generate timings?
    /timings on
    /timings paste
  4. Just turned it on, how long should I keep it running? I'll paste it in the morning. Hopefully, the server doesn't crash in the middle of the night.
  5. Says in the crash report as well. If your looking for a number, 90.
  6. You're running 90 plugins on 4 gb or ram? Probably several resource-intensive plugins as well. It really shouldn't be confusing how your running out of memory.
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  7. How much ram do you recommend?
  8. No amount of ram is going to help you run 90 plugins. You need to delete a lot.
  9. Really? Whats the purpose of ram?
    RAM isn’t the only factor in server performance. You can also have too much ram, which causes the garbage collector to struggle. I’m not really the one to ask about that, 2008Choco knows a lot more on this. What I can tell you is that 90 plugins is way too much, it’s like having 90 tabs open in a web browser.
  11. How many plugins should I try to reduce it to? Is there anything I can do to get around it?
  12. Ideally it shouldn’t really be more than 40 max, but I can imagine you can get away with having more. There really isn’t anything you can do about it, Spigot isn’t designed to run that many plugins.

    Édit: You can try increasing ram, but I wouldn’t go over 8 gb.
  13. 40?!? That's really little. I don't know many servers with that little of plugins.
  14. You can most likely get away with more. If you need help with eliminating plugins you don’t need, feel free to dm with a plugin list (getting them through the crash report is annoying)