Server kicks all players with reason "timed out"

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  1. Dear users

    I have a problem with server. It kicks all players with reason "timed out" for about a week. This is how it looks like:

    [01:03:30] [Server thread/INFO]: PowerBe11 lost connection: Disconnected
    [01:03:30] [Server thread/INFO]: Bodeus lost connection: Disconnected
    [01:03:30] [Server thread/INFO]: Ivastrid lost connection: Disconnected

    This problem still exists, examples hour when all players are kicked from the server:
    18:06 Time out
    18:14 Timed out
    18:23 Timed out
    18:31 Timed out

    There wasn't any problems like that before. On this screenshot You can see the server engine that I use:
    These are mods:
    And plugins:

    Do You have any idea how to fix it? I'm kindly asking for any suggestions.

    Best regards
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  2. 1.7.10 is no longer supported. Please use 1.8
  3. Another idea? This needs to versions 1.7.10
  4. nope, i can help update it if you want, but youll have to if you want it fixed
  5. You could always try the protocol support plugin to allow 1.7.10 players join a 1.8 server
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  6. If there was anyone able to help me fix this problem, I can even pay much I care
  7. Did you read or consider GGhost's suggestion?

    What are your reasons for staying on 1.7.10?
  8. The reason why he wants to be on version 1.7.10 is that unfortunately unknown to any engine on which to launch a mods and plugins. Cauldron has this functionality, if you know of other such engine can give it to me. I will be grateful.
  9. So you're saying mods are stopping you from updating? Bluntly, If that is the case, you're kinda screwed and so are all these mod pack servers vulnerable to the recently made public crash exploit.
  10. What to do with this?
  11. I've done timings on the server and here is the result
    Why world save takes so much of it "Pct Tick"?
  12. We need to see your timings in the original link. High world save and 18 - 20 tps is normal for modded servers running MCPE/Cauldron.
  13. Your timings seem to be fine, but if you are having lag issues, get the clearlagg plugin. I personally think this is being caused by an obsolete version and until someone updates cauldron, nothing can be done.
    Edit: Are you using a host?
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