Server lag (10tps, 10 players with AMD Ryzen 9 3900 Processor)

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  1. Hello, I recently upgraded my server from a server with the processor Xeon E3-1290v2, 32GB ram to an AMD Ryzen 9 3900 Processor, 128GB ram. I bought this server because of TPS lag. This new server I bought is basically the same as the one before. It's still like 10 TPS with 10 players, but the weird stuff is that is says the processor is at 5%. Anyone know what could cause this?
    I have optimized the server
    The server has 53 plugins installed
  2. Can you post timing report so we can pin point what the issue with your server is?
  3. I can see that DungeonsXL and UltraCustomizer are the most resource intensive plugins on your server but that could be caused by huge mob farms. You can see that hoppers and EntityItem/Zombies are taking a lot of resource maybe you want to limit that kind of farms
  4. Players have quite large farms on the server. I'll try to limit those farms, as you said, but I still don't know why the CPU only says it's at 5%. Shouldn't the processor be able to handle that kind of farms?
  5. Ryzen 9 is a 12 core processor, minecraft server is mostly single thread so it's difficult that it will use a lot of cpu % with just 1 core being stressed.

    I've seen that you allocated 48G to the server, that's way too much i think that 10-12G will be enough.
    (too much allocated ram will cause lag spikes during garbage collection)
  6. Oh okay, thanks for the help :)
    Btw, what's Aikar flags?
  7. 1. You can use AikarFlags to help with garbage collection / gain some performance. Aikar Flags
    A. You should not use 48 GB of ram, as FlowZz suggested, 10-16 GB is more than enough.
    2. What's causing the most lag on your server? Redstone / Hoppers, DungeonsXL, and UltraCustomizer.
    3. Entities.
    4. Follow this guide to better optimize your server.
  8. I want to add that while using Aikar flags can help in some cases, I highly doubt they would have a major effect in this case since the Garbage collector seems to be running fine according to the timings report, I've also seen many reports of corrupted chunks and memory leaks while using Aikar flags with high amounts of RAM, so you should probably be careful about that and have any kind of daily backups just in case. Also, your server has been running for over 2 days now if you haven't restarted it yet, having an automatic restarts plugin/schedule every 12/24 hours (In the case you're using a game panel like pterodactyl you can set up a schedule) would help to unload heavy chunks, decrease the RAM usage, and will for sure improve the performance.

    +1 vouch of following the optimization guide, it helps a lot

    EDIT: I'd also recommend pregenerating your world since chunk loading seems to be using a considerable amount of resources too