Server lag ~80 players

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  1. I personally do not recommend using React or any hopper plugins. Hopper plugins are very likely to disable my optimizations to hoppers ,and React hooks into the internals so much that simply using it adds a bit of lag itself. React is only a positive if it can accurately identify lag sources enough to mitigate them to negate the cost it has to hook in and analyze everything (that type of code isn't "free" in cost to performance).

    you don't need plugins, you need to establish POLICY.

    disallow players to build extreme hopper contraptions.
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  2. Do you have stacked mobs? Stacked spawners? Maybe add mob hoppers to try limit the amount of hoppers being used.
  3. I've PM'd you the jar :)

    Are you still getting performance issues?
  4. Looks more like the FactionsTop plugin is causing lag. It also depends on your Factions plugin could be the source as well.

    I remember I deved on a server with 200+ players and SavageFactions was a major contributor to lag in a lot of ways.

    Back when I owned my own Factions server, the FactionsTop plugin would either kill the TPS, or hog a lot of CPU usage.

    Try extending the interval for each update on the Factions Top plugin to a longer time (Ex. 1 second to 5 minutes) so it won't be ran constantly, or very often in a short time frame.

    If it's a poorly optimized Factions core, switch to a more proper one.
  5. If it's factionstop causing lag maybe the dev, @superbrian12 knows a fix? I am using the latest stable version of savagefactions which doesn't really appear in the timings.
  6. For now you can change the recalculate interval (I would suggest 1h or something. Not 36 seconds)
  7. Okay thanks I'll do that now.
  8. Considering you're on factions, have you tried having some kind of system so crops / entities no longer spawn but instead fill a hopper automatically?
    You could try to get some custom hopper system built where the cropgrowth & entityspawn event would get caught and the drops would be sent to a chunk hopper. This way you'll reduce the need for many hoppers, reduce entity count and make it easier to work with the mechanics whenever you want to (eg: for gameplay purposes)

    Your server is decently large so i doubt you won't afford it. There are some public plugins that have simmilar functionality, so you may be able to use those. The downside is that most have generic changes that may not benefit you 100%.
  9. Your hopper speeds are probably set insanely fast in the spigot.yml.
    You should play around with the speeds and see if it makes any difference.
  10. I have never seen this somewhere else and it changes the gameplay a lot. How do other big faction servers deal with these kind of problems because they don't seem to have lag?

    They are insanely slow actually:

    Code (Text):
          hopper-transfer: 100
          hopper-check: 100
        hopper-amount: 64
  11. You would be looking into a gameplay change to solve the issue that you're having.
    If you are interested in paid help, you can contact me on discord:
  12. The TPS is around 20 ~ No lag.
  13. Really one of my first trys ever to watch over a Timings so maybe/probably im wrong but " FactionsTop::Task: FactionsTopV5.Runnables.AutoRecalculate (interval:36000) " seems strange, (set the bar to the 2 dots (10-11) where TPS starts dropping and set AVG) also you can see this task on the minor spike on "dot" 5-6
  14. maybe, this help u
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