Server Lag / Crash / Disconnects - Staminus/Intreppid?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by EatingEmoKids, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. EatingEmoKids


    Hi, I'm trying to figure out whats causing lag on our server throughout the day for about 1-2 weeks now. We've even experienced mass disconnects and tonight the entire server got disconnected.

    We're currently hosted with Staminus/Intreppid and it looks like the server going down tonight was on their end, as another owner who we referred to them also went down at the same time, and last weekend most of the east coast was unable to connect which was a confirmed issue on their end. I'd like to know if other owners who have signed up with the staminus deal are also experiencing these types of issues? (please note that are experience with them up until this point has been extremely good)

    I'm providing part of our logs from the crash tonight to see if there are any other possibilities.

    Timings reports from the past couple days (you'll see I've tried changing plugins to see if they were causing it)
    June 6th -
    June 7th -
    June 10th -
    June 11th -

    If you have any input I'd love to hear from you.
  2. externo6


    Whats wrong with Average TPS: 19.74?
    Thats perfectly fine. But bare in mind your sampling over a long range.
  3. Could you ask them if their servers are hosted by OVH? Me and some other people have suddenly issues to with connections.
  4. Dang, I thought my timings report was bad.

    Although, this was after the server being on for 5 minutes after
    a restart, with only 30 people logged on atm.

    Having problems with Intreppid as well, supporting this
  5. EatingEmoKids


    That is the problem, TPS seems fine but players look like their all connected with AOL (56k / dial up).
    Yes all the timings we're sampling over long periods of time except for the timings on June 11th ( which was for maybe about 30 seconds.

    Are you also hosted with Staminus/Intreppid?

    I'd like to hear if any others are having issues with them or can tell if a plugin may be causing our problem.
  6. Jigsaw


    Have you contacted Staminus / Intreppid?

    I have been thinking about switching my server to Intreppid and I would be interested in hearing the cause of this if it is on their end. I currently have a dedicated server with Intreppid that I have been testing and I have not personally noticed any issues with being disconnected. Keep in mind this is not my actual server, but a test server and I'm only having 1-5 staff connect while we test it out and weigh the choice to switch.

    If you are able to check the TPS exactly the same time as everyone is disconnected I would be curious to see that number.
  7. Yes, Staminus, one of the largest dedicated server providers in the Minecraft community, is a reseller of OVH. In addition, every single server hosted by OVH always just happens to have connection issues.
    How high were you when you posted this?
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  8. aXed We have our own datacenter. We do not resell any servers.

    EatingEmoKids We did experience a couple of issues yesterday over a 1 hour period. This included about 2 x ~5 minute drops and some latency issues. (Follow us here updates on network issues was caused by a unique attack that was bouncing our BGP. We added some new rules to our firewall and successfully mitigated the attack while also increasing the overall effectiveness of our mitigation system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this happens once in a while when dealing with new attacks.

    If any of you guys and gals are experiencing latency issues with your server please open a ticket with us and provide us with MRT traceroute. We have a huge throughput of traffic every day and we will not notice latency issues on servers unless they are reported or unless its effecting our entire infrastructure. Reporting greatly helps us identify any problems you may be having so we can fix them ASAP!
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  9. EatingEmoKids


    Does anyone know what could have caused this?

    Server dropped about half our players 30 minutes before that and then that happend and the entire server went down.