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  1. I have been having a lag issue with my server 1.13 latest update and normally i am good about figuring it out but this one has me stumped lol i checked all my plugins looked around for spanners by players ect
    here is my timings report

    any help would be appreciated
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  2. *ngl you're better off using luckperms than groupmanager, GroupManager is outdated and unsupported by EssentialsX*
  3. everyone says that but my version is updated its a basic server have had no problems with it been usin gm for 7 yrs lel only way id switch was if it was the lag source
  4. Code (Text):

    WorldEdit::Command: WorldEdit:/undo
    count(2)  total(0.26% 0.311s, 0.33% of tick)
    avg(155.68ms per - 0.17ms/0.00 per tick)
    Shopkeepers::Event: c.n.s.s.s.SignShopListener (BlockPhysicsEvent)
    count(26909)  total(0.05% 0.057s, 0.06% of tick)
    avg(0.00ms per - 0.03ms/14.37 per tick)
    WorldGuard::Event: c.s.w.b.l.WorldGuardBlockListener (BlockPhysicsEvent)
    there are numerous worldedit operations going on while this sample was taken, //set, //undo, //fixwater and if im reading that right they're being caused by a SignShop? which seems really strange do any of your signs allow players to use worldedit commands?

    Edit: after looking at the source for that plugin it does not appear any worldedit stuff is being done in the method flagged, probably unrelated.
  5. I have a sign shop plugin but nothing to do with world edit il remove my sign shop to see if it does help just asked a admin he was world editing during the timings report ... Lol il get a fresh one 1 sec
  6. that looks a lot better....

    Hmm... Huge chicken farm somewhere?
    Minecraft::tickEntity - nms.EntityChicken
    count(283572) total(12.94% 19.386s, 16.24% of tick)
    avg(0.07ms per - 8.12ms/118.80 per tick)
  7. HMMM il look around i did /killall chicken didnt fix it so...
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  8. Anyone know a plugin or a way to limit how many mobs per chunk? been a while since ive had a server lol
  9. maybe the plugin stackmob will help you you have a ton of entities