[Server Lag/Redstone Lag]

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  1. So I have a very small private server that I run off of my PC. I have about 1-4 people on it. Most of the time just me and my one other friend. We tried to make Redstone build such as an afk sand filler for the ocean thing. Now all the Redstone is correct but it keeps breaking for some reason. I have noticed that there are many ghost blocks and pistons will constantly break as in not move blocks. The slime won't move the blocks because it glitches out or something and moves at the wrong time like its delayed or something and breaks. I have noticed that the lag is mostly in Redstone stuff but every now and again the server stutters. Now I don't have anything reader thing in the console so that's no help. I would like to know why it lags and how I can fix it. I have 4GB on the run.bat file so I think that's good IDK. Any other help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. How many plugins are you currently running, if any? Typically self-run servers have memory issues, as although you have allocated 4GB of memory, your computer may not have that much to give. Would you possibly send your startup script?
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  3. The first step to diagnosing performance issues is to get a /timings paste
  4. Not to sure on what you mean by start up script. If you mean the run.bat thing then it just has the code things on minecraft.net with 4gb. As for my plugins I have: PEX, Worldedit, InstantDecay (For trees and stuff), OnePlayerSleep, Vault, Veinminer, Essentisals, Essentials Protect, Spawn, and Chat.
  5. Server looks fantastic from that. Try being near whatever "lags" and then do a timings paste afterwards; I'm going to guess though that whatever you're seeing is likely client glitches unless something non-vanilla is occurring.