Server lagging frequently, Not sure what cause

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  1. Hi, I have been getting frequent server lags. I do not think it is my machine because it has 12GB of RAM, the processor is Intel Xeon 3.50 GHz with 1GBPS network. I allocated all but left 500MB free just in case of any problems to come.

    Here are my plugins:
    Plugins (62): WorldBorder, PlugMan, CleanChat, StaffChannel, FactionsChat, Vault, Multiverse-Core, RemoteToolkitPlugin, DelInvPot, EnderPearlCoolDown, AntiAdvertising, WhatIsIt, CommandScheduler, Votifier, CommandBlocker, MobArena, GAListener, BanXP, LagMeter, AlphaChest, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, Multiverse-Inventories, CreativeGates, Soulbound, CountryLoginMessage, AdvIpLog, PermissionsEx, ScoreboardStats, CombatTag, NoAnvil, WorldGuard, PotionCommands, CoreProtect, LimitedCreative, MobSpawnControl, BKCommonLib, FastGamemode, Itemizer, ClearLag, Modifyworld, AutoAnnouncer, Essentials, floAuction, CreativeControl, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, SilkSpawners, NoLagg, ChestShop, EssentialsChat, PlayerPoints, WGCustomFlags, ChatManager, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, VanishNoPacket, EssentialsAntiBuild, WGDropFlags, TeleParticles, Factions, ObsidianDestroyer, WGRegionEffects

    I have tried updating all the plugins to the latest version but that didn't really fix anything.

    I am running version 793 1.5.1

  2. Remember that you need to leave some RAM allocated to the OS itself.
    Also, we need to see a timings report.
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    Type /timings merged, and then after a certain time (would recommend 10 mins), /timings paste, it will give a much clearer timings info page (sends you a message with a link)
  4. joehot200


    Try taking out LimitedCreative? Not sure if that is the problem, but it is certainly causing a lot of lag.
    Taking up over double the resources that all your players online combined is!

    Also, it seems you have a few unnececcary worlds. That takes up RAM.
    Worlds like Worldofdraven, or screwoff
  5. Alright, I'll give that a go
  6. Ok, from what I have gathered in the last 24 hours, the server lag has gone down alot, but still lags a little bit. I'm getting a new timings sheet atm
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    I have seen others have problems with AlphaChest
  8. It doesn't seem like it for me, but I'll keep a heads up on that. Thanks.

    The lag is fixed, so I guess the main problem is solved.

    Thanks for all the help :)