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  1. Yesterday my server reached like 80 players, and it had lag spikes of 12-14 TPS. But today with less players the TPS are down, and I don't know why. With a reload would back to normality but I would like to finish the lag. I have tried different things like to change to paper spigot and configs, but nothing works. There is the timings report: (seems like this is the correct)

    But the problem is that my server can't handle 80+ without lag spikes, and I would like to have 100 players (or more) without lag and with Towny.
    I don't know if another world would reduce the lag. If you have any experience with this I would appreciate so much the help. Also I can give some money via PayPal if works

    I have a i7-6700k SSD and 64GB DDR4 dedicated server
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  2. please give me a list with all your plugin
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  3. can you not read timings? LOL
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  4. One, crazy auctions is causing lag. Try reducing the intervals on the messages. Entities is a issue. Try to unload chunks and get clearlagg so it kills mobs and removes ground items every 5 to 10 min. No need to save the world every minute. So you can change that feature to like every 3-4 hours. I also suggest removing EscapeLag since you'll have clearlagg. Its a lot smoother.

    Suggestion. Check out the guide. It will help tons.
  5. Seems like that is not my server timings. I don't know if I pasted something wrong or the link changed.
    Sorry about that. I know that the plugins like clearlagg does not help, and as I said I already tried all of that optimizations.
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