Server lagging with 50 players

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  1. Yesterday my server reached like 80 players, and it had lag spikes of 12-14 TPS. But today with less players the TPS are down, and I don't know why. With a reload would back to normality but I would like to finish the lag. I have tried different things like to change to paper spigot and configs, but nothing works. There is the timings report: (seems like this is the correct)

    But the problem is that my server can't handle 80+ without lag spikes, and I would like to have 100 players (or more) without lag and with Towny.
    I don't know if another world would reduce the lag. If you have any experience with this I would appreciate so much the help. Also I can give some money via PayPal if works

    I have a i7-6700k SSD and 64GB DDR4 dedicated server
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  2. please give me a list with all your plugin
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  3. can you not read timings? LOL
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  4. One, crazy auctions is causing lag. Try reducing the intervals on the messages. Entities is a issue. Try to unload chunks and get clearlagg so it kills mobs and removes ground items every 5 to 10 min. No need to save the world every minute. So you can change that feature to like every 3-4 hours. I also suggest removing EscapeLag since you'll have clearlagg. Its a lot smoother.

    Suggestion. Check out the guide. It will help tons.
  5. Seems like that is not my server timings. I don't know if I pasted something wrong or the link changed.
    Sorry about that. I know that the plugins like clearlagg does not help, and as I said I already tried all of that optimizations.
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  6. maybe dont use so much ram? also if you are hosting at home, try restarting the computer, or get something like trend micro that helps with performance and stuff like that :)
  7. Can you take a timing using timings v2 with paperspigot? And how much ram are you allocating to this server?
  8. There might always be a problem with your hosting company, if not might want to upgrade ram or reduce plugins

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