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Server lags then disconnects everyone

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Ayeelanaa, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hi, I've been experiencing lag spikes on my server however tps doesn't drop. It lags everyone out then kicks majority of players.

    This is my timings during the issue and a bit before it.
  2. CCT


    You have 47 plugins and those are just the ones that used system resources while you were taking this.

    Your problem could very well be plugin-related - a bad plugin, multiple bad plugins, or plugins conflicting with each other.

    You have many unnecessary plugins, let me elaborate on that...
    "VanishNoPacket": /vanish is an Essentials command
    "Jail": Jails can be set up and players jailed with Essentials
    "ModifyWorld": completely unnecessary unless you are actually doing something specific with it
    "BetterShop": Shops can be made with Essentials (unless you need it for something only it has)
    "FactionChat": Are you aware that Factions has this built in?
    And I'm not even going to ask about "DrugMeUp" and "MafiaCraft"

    Aside from the plugins that are completely unneeded, you also seem to have a fair amount of rather frivolous plugins.

    I would also recommend Spigot build 1020 - it seems to be the most stable as of the time of writing. I would watch your CPU usage while this happens and see if it spikes or stays relatively normal.
  3. A few of those plugins are needed for certain features which they provide to the role-play aspect of my server.
    I will try the 1020 build.

    Ill watch over my CPU usage once I've altered some things.

    Thanks for the help!