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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Teleriann, Feb 29, 2020.

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  2. 4 mintures of timings is not enough.
  3. Seems like Spartan is pretty heavy, but there's nothing special actually. Might be some problems with weak CPU. Unfortunately, there's no ultimative solution for this kind of problems. You can wait for this pull request for Paper, but that's all I can say.
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  4. Ya, i undestand but im using 30GB ram and alot CPU, it should be enough
  5. Count of threads and cores doesn't really matter for MC. It can help, but MC is mostly 1-thread guy, there's not really much things that are going in async. What's your CPU?
    Also, your Paper is outdated. There was a update with some tick optimization.
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  6. Intel XEON 2.6 Ghz 9vCPU
  7. So, yeah, just like I said before - your CPU is pretty weak for 1.15 with all these plugins and count of players.
  8. Looks like Spartan is doing a lot of packet stuff which could be causing lag. Also look at EasySetSpawn and Teleports, they might be doing something too.
  9. lokka, yes i know, spartan is heavy, but that easysetspawn and teleports, easysetspawn is simple plugin that just set /spawn, i do not undersand that
  10. When players are joining, maybe it is doing a bunch of chunk loading or something.
  11. Try to reduce the amount of vCPU
  12. Reduce? Can you please explain why?
    Thank you
  13. Honestly. If you are experiencing it too, I could say Spartan isn't a stable plugin. I've seen other people use spartan and their timings and usage are just as bad as yours. The RAM isn't really gonna affect. 30GB RAM will also make the garbage collector for JVM work harder if I'm wrong. I'm sure even if your Xms is low it will automatically allocate as long as it's within your XMX range.
  14. Asking a sever (which is basically single threaded) to try and use 30 GigaByte of RAM !
    That is just rediculous !

    Reduce the -Xms and the -Xmx to more reasonable values ! (8 GigaBytes, or less even?)
    Monitor your Garbage Collector and CPU usage to obtain some more realistic values !
  15. Dang, I never thought of Minecraft being single-threaded when I read posts of people saying 'allocated 10gb of ram'. Definitely puts performance into perspective!
  16. So based on this latest timings:

    Looking at spigot.yml, a view distance of 10 is a lot for 1.15. I would recommend dropping it to 6 (and increasing mob-spawn-range from 3 to 4). Along with that, change entity-activation-range tick-inactive-villagers from true to false. In bukkit.yml, change spawn-limits for ambient from 10 to 1.

    This isn't any final solution since, as said above, your CPU is not the best for the latest versions of Minecraft, but I would also recommend dropping your RAM Xmx and Xms to 20GB, you should never need to go over that. These changes should have some improvement.