Server.log size and some questions

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  1. I have a stupid question. Yesterday I've deleted my server.log file, size of file was 104Mb.
    The question is... can this cause lag? I'm been expecting lag since 2 or 3 months, a week ago I've corrected a Plesk 10+Kernel with Gsec bug that creates very much plesk processes on my server and the lag decreased (Ovh do not warn about that bug... if any uses Plesk check it with a "ps aux | grep psa/ad", solution is using a kernel without gsec)

    Server.log was not deleted since months and I'm searching a way to clear lag. I can create a script to make a server.log backup and delete his content.

    I have a old dedicated server like Sp16 from OVH, but with a overclocked I3, 3.4 Ghz 2 cores, same ram.
    I will migrate to Sp16 model this month (I have it right now) and restart all server (New configs, databases, maps, all plugins updated...). I want to avoid lag problem and I need orientation. It is a re-launch of my server and I want to do ir better.

    My server usually have 50-80 players at the afternoon.

    Edit: Timings of my actually server when there are 15 players, when server reach 40 server lag incleases. I will perform a timing when this occour.
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