Server Low TPS [Plz Help!]

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  1. When my server have about 53 people online
    The TPS will go down 14-18
    But about 30 people the TPS is just 19-20, will not hold in 20

    Server config:
    Intel Core i5 3470
    MSI B75MA-G43
    Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 1600 8GB x2
    Plextor M5S 128GB [OS+Bukkit Server]
    Toshiba 2TB SATA3 7200RPM [Backup]
    Delta ServerPower EX450 450W
    Cooler Master N400 Black ATX

    Please tell me what make the server lag? Thank you:)
    Sorry for my English, I am Hong Kong ;)

    Here is the timings report:

    Plugin List:

    More User More Laggy
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  2. jtaylor69

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    That's a lot of plugins, some requiring additional worlds, lots of I/O (data writes and reads), plugins that are possibly pointless, plugins that can be replicated with other plugins for less resources (e.g. Essentials).

    You're possibly getting bottlenecked by your CPU and Hard Drive, especially HDD with the amount of I/O that will be taking place.
  3. Try removing AuthMe, that might alleviate some of the lag you might be having.
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  4. Too many plugins.

    ScoreboardStats has a refresh task that would cause a lot of hurt.

    ColourMotd is pointless.

    Like 5 sign plugins? Really redundant.

    Ease up on your server. Plz. Before I have to call SPS.
  5. Essentials I think that I won't remove because I use that jailed or ban many user already, change the plugin is not easy. But what plugin can have so much function? Please introduce some thank you :D
    My server is using SSD for bukkit, the CPU using is about 45%-75%, the CPU is not full loading... I don't know why the TPS is so low...
  6. I am sorry about my server online-mode is off, because in Hong Kong didn't have many people bought MineCraft so I can't remove the Authme...
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  7. I will try to remove ScoreboardStats, ColourMotd, InSign, SignURLs, AnCasino plugin soon, thanks :)
    And... what is SPS ?? Thank you very much
  8. Server Protection Services. ;_;
  9. Problem #1

    Problem #2 (Guess)
    Why would you know
    The power supply
    The cooler
    About the server, it makes me want to think it is home hosted and your internet is bottle-necking
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  10. itsjhalt


    Try to reduce your view distance. Cut that in half and you should notice a significant performance increase.
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  11. After I removed the Scoreboard Stat the server in 60 people TPS will now 17-20 :)
    my server view-distance is 6

    I think the problem is scoreboardstats. Here is the report about 60 people online timings report:
    Thanks for help :D
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  12. I just removed ScoreboardStats, InSign, SignURLs, AnCasino the server now have 60 people TPS is 17-20, I think the problem is scoreboardstats.

    The server built in my home, CPU Temp is fine, network speed is 1000Mbps (Hong Kong Local)(Fiber To The Home)
    Here is the report about 60 people online timings report:
    Thanks for help :D
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  13. What is it ._.?
  14. You might want to try and select a us server considering +60% of mc players are in the us. You connection speed might not be 1gbps
  15. What? You don't trust me XD ? (Hong Kong Local) (Fiber To The Home)

  16. All possible options

    1gbps ddos?
    CPU bottleneck?
    HDD bottleneck?

    Other questions -
    Have you tried disabling plugins one at a time?

    If all else fails try renting a host for a month and if it still lags you might want to try more advanced plugin debugging methods. I have also had the mysterious tps drop ~4 months ago