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  1. Hi! I have a faction server and now i have a problem, i have a massive CPU usage, and sometimes 2 or three threads go to 100% usage for 5-10 seconds:
    I set Xms10G and Xmx16G but i don't know why, the server have a TPS drop to 10 TPS, without any reason and there is a lot of lag..
    While is lagging the server consume only 1 or 2gb of ram..... with 60/70 players online!!
    And while it isn't lagging it consume 8-9gb of ram with 50 online.... it makes no sense..
    This is the timing with only 57 players online and it's al 70% load, but in 2-3 minutes, it dropped ti 10 TPS... it's strange because today with 90 online the TPS were to 19.80 stable.....
    these are my plugins..

    This is a timing while it isn't lagging, but i have a lot of mob percentage... i installed mobstacker but it's very high
    I can post my spigot.jar ecc. Thanks
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  2. Yep, it's because of chunk-loading. You could pre-generate your world using WorldBorder.
  3. shouldnt be getting that kind of lagging because of chunk loading with the server he has....
  4. Excessive chunk generation causes always lags. I'd still highly recommend ^
  5. It's a faction server, how i can load 200kx200k+ blocks
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  6. Please help, Bump. Now the cpu is at 250%
  7. You may have to whitelist and generate chunks, using worldborders
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  8. can i generate 200k x 200k blocks?
  9. Yes it will take a while a Nd you will have some downtime
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  10. You can pregenerate your server ingame in a background process with the worldborder-plugin, this will make your server lag a long time (arround the lags you are currently expiriencing), but after that your world is completly pregenerated...
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  11. Like @Vinc0682 says, follow this:
    - Stop the server (Make a backup of your world)
    - Install
    - Start the server
    - Enable whitelist
    - Set a radius for your world (remember other worlds like nether, the end, or others) and do the same.
    - 3000 blocks radius from you for example: /wb set 3000
    - Generate whole radius with: /wb <world> fill
    - Accept the regen with: /wb fill confirm
    - More help with commands
    Once finished, restart the server and disable whitelist, I recommend you hold the worldborder plugin.
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  12. So if i reload the server after i had pregenerated 200.000 block for 200.000 blocks i not need to pregenerate every restart of the server? Right?
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  13. Right, just keep the border on 200000 to avoid players generate more chunks.
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  14. Ok, thanks! tonight i will pregenerate all the chunks.How much time it take? it will fill all in 7-8 hours? How i set the frequency? i use the default frequency of 20?
  15. Use the default, and it depends on the cores, ram, etc of the machine.
  16. These are my server specs:
    - RAM: 32 GB DDR4
    - CPU: 6 Core Xeon E5 V3
    - SSD: 115 GB
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  17. i started filling the world but in 25 minutes it is at 0,0%...
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