Server Money Advice Needed

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  1. Alright, I understand people have jobs, and I can't get one yet (due to age) but how do owners kickstart their server? I mean, my only money I have for my server is $460-500, but some devs, and other things necessary for a server cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. My server is still being developed, so we aren't released to make player ranks.
    So basically my question is, how do you guys pay for a server that isn't released yet?
  2. Get a job or sell Minecraft related services. I heard prostitution pays well.
  3. Well it all depends. I myself have a job, BUT before that I run a small YouTube channel to pay for hosters and such. I would also recommend you try to start learning to program. I have been trying to do that and its going kind of well (Still learning new things!). That is how I paid for my servers in a way.

    One other way is try to find local jobs that pay cash and is under the radar (Taxes and such). I also did that too. Local jobs such as mowing lawns, helping people out, working at a farmers market etc...

    Good luck to you!
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  4. Thanks! I'll try this.
  5. Good luck!
  6. I would recommend a site called "mc-market" its a great site for selling, and buying (if you want) builds, services (configuring files, and much more) this could be a great way for you to make money!
  7. You could try doing more your self, learn how to code plugins and other things. instead of pay other people :) That could save a bit.
  8. You made a good point!

    I just finished my first plugin, Its a little hard to understand at first but you will grasp it!
  9. Also why not start with a smaller server that raises your cash flow, then doing something custom with developers afterwards? Why not get a passive income, which is stably enough you can continue with the project. A job or smaller server would do the trick. Something also to conciser is, most people suggest you start with a small server and grow as your community does.
  10. How I did mine :p. Started small then grew!
  11. Yep, I started try to make a network, but gonna just focus my time on one server.

    Also you could try getting an investor, but if you don't have an descent portfolio, your done for with that idea.