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  1. Hey there. I am one of the developers for the Hythryl Network and we run several dedicated servers. We need a service that provides a SMS text to a set of numbers if a system has ANY sort of error as well as email monitoring. It would be nice if it has Slack integration as well. We would like details graphs of performance, errors and other management tools of the sorts.

  2. I've heard MCAlerts is good.
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    Why waste money on some bad closed-source script? Just download one of the dozens of open source PHP scripts that run on cron and put it up on a reliable small openvz VPS. Your cell phone carrier most likely has "Email to TXT" so you can set an e-mail to send notifications to and it'll send you a text message (AT&T for example is <phonenumber> I believe). How do you expect it to notify you of any type of errors? Should the script you want monitor the system logs or..? You ask for a lot, but I assume you're ready to toss out a good amount of money.
  4. We have a good budget is all I can say. I didn't really have to be a paid service but money isn't an object so I thought why not save some time. If you have a better solution I would love to hear it. I also made a mistake, I don't need to be notified of any error, just if the system has a sudden amount of load or if the system is down. Important stuff like that.

    This is dedicated boxes we are monitoring not individual servers.
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    MCAlerts can cover boxes AFAIK.
    Other than that, use Pingdom.
  6. Once again I will recommend - Munin(you can monitor multiple servers from one place, it has notifications etc.).
  7. I thought Pingdom only covers websites? Or am I just being stoopid.
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    We're offering the first month on largest plan for free while you figure out which service works best for you :)