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  1. I am currently running a server hosted through a friends hosting company so its on a dedicated box etc and I am using ftp along with multicraft to do most of the setting up. I was looking for a plugin or way that I can monitor the ram, cpu, tps with maybe some player count graphs or something with a nice web interface.

    The multicraft figures always show 100% and going in game or the console to try and get figures from essentials and some other plugins and trying to note them down to monitor them is a real hassle. Was just wondering if anyone has a good solution to this?

    Much Appreciated
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  2. First off multicraft.. Meh made me laugh.

    Second, you are probably doing Xms 1gb Xmx 1gb (similar) which will always use that amount of RAM. If you do like
    Xms 256mb Xmx 1gb (similar) it will use 256mb as lowest and 1gb at highest, if you use none of these commands it will ALWAYS display full because it's using 'full' because whatever it needs it grabs.
  3. Although I personally have never used this company, I have heard many good reviews about their services. This is their website: Basically everything you are looking for in your post, plus its free :)
  4. As for the cpu use. Have you looked into how to do a timings report? And if your going to read the essentials ram use you should know it does it in heaps. So it's gunna bounce around. And when free memory runs out it just does a garbage collection and recovers ram and keeps going, or at least that's how it normally runs for my hosted servers. Now if you get a out of memory error then you worry.
    But just keep an eye on timings and I think a plugin called toplite can track ram use but I think that plugin is busted for 1.8+

    Also +1 to latouth's comment. Once you set that up right you'll see the ram use behavior I mentioned above. (sorry I made my comment above too soon I assumed too much) Also word of advice. Only use MultiCrap for its scheduled tasks. The rest of the features are just... Yeah... Not good.
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