1.15.2 Server MOTD Editing

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  1. Hello Guys!

    I want u to ask how I can "remove" the Players and set an List of Strings instead, so a Player is hovering over Playercount, the Text will be shown. And how can I set a String instead of Playercount in MOTD? The ServerListPingEvent does not have these options.

    I hope u can help me!
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  2. if youre using paper then the PaperServerListPingEvent has a method getPlayerSample which returns a list of PlayerProfiles that you can modify (clear the list then add your own profiles created from Bukkit#createProfile)
  3. Ok it works! Thanks!

    So and how can I change the shown Playeramount (where u hover at) to an string?
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  4. how did this work? Where can i download a plugin that do this?
  5. @KleeSup Remember to look in the JavaDocs, after you get the event call event.setNumPlayers(numplayers).
  6. I dont mean to set a number. I mean that I want to set a String at the position where the amount is displayed instead of an int.
  7. Its simply replacing all the Playernames (or more/less) and set it to a custom String. ServerListPlus should do it