Server MOTD resetting?

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  1. Hello, im working as a headadmin on a server. im currently trying to redo the motd, the one that displays on the server list, not the one inside the server.
    ive made the code here:
    \u00A7a\u00A7ki \u00A7f\u00A7l-=[ \u00A77\u00A7lmc.\u00A7b\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7oG\u00A7c\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7oe\u00A7b\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7on\u00A7c\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7oo\u00A7b\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7oC\u00A7c\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7or\u00A7b\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7oa\u00A7c\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7of\u00A7b\u00A7l\u00A7n\u00A7ot\u00A77\ \u00A7f\u00A7l]=- \u00A7a\u00A7ki\n\u00A7a\u00A7ki \u00A77\u00A7l[\u00A7dSurvival\u00A77\u00A7l] \u00A77\u00A7l[\u00A7d1.8 \u00A77- \u00A7d1.11.2\u00A77\u00A7l] \u00A7a\u00A7ki
    For whatever reason, it was working fine for a while then it stopped working and now when I paste it into the MOTD box on the server console, it saves and restarts the server and seems to only paste the first green &ki and the white -.

    UPDATE: I did something and it worked once, when I tried to fix an issue with it and restart it messed up again, any ideas?
  2. @PinguV69 Go you server file directory then find
    open the folder then find servermotd= or mod = paste your mod 1 space after the =
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  3. example:

    Mod= Hello