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  1. So, I found a name I like for my server. Looked on namecheap and godaddy if it was free and so it was. I'll use hypixel as an example as I didn't bought the domain yet.

    The domain I had in mind:

    But then I googled a little bit and saw there was a server out there with:

    Again, the "hypixel" is used as example. But the server I found had a good playerbase untill 2017. It now has died of but I saw a post from a few days ago from a manager/admin that they were doing a revamp.

    I really like the domain name but I'm hesistant to do it because players might think I want to "steal" the other servers succes and I don't want that. I'm looking for an opinion on the matter what you would do.
  2. Choose a different name. I only see issues from this
  3. Get a new domain, if you want to, you can buy my doamin and get free webhosting for one month!
    Send me a PM for more info c;
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  4. I agree with NIKNAIZ, choosing a different name would be a far better option due to this as, like you said, they may think you are trying to steal the success / copy the other server.
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    No. Just, no. That's a terribly stupid idea. Come up with your own name.
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  6. Best to think of a new name,I know how hard it is to think of a name fore your server but best to stay “original”
  7. Thanks for the constructive replies! I've indeed chosen a new name. Now, do you recommend to purchase it with godaddy or namecheap? Do i take the offer from godaddy to get the .com, .org and .net domain all at once?
  8. Namecheap, definitely. They're extremely reputable, which GoDaddy are not.
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  9. Don't ever make your name too similar to another popular brand. Tell me, when's the last time you went to the store and chose cool cola over coca cola? Or Bepsi over Pepsi? Any name would be better.