Server Not Allowing Placement of Structure Block

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by snowrider777, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. I want to place a structure block so I can copy and paste my building, but when I go to place one, nothing appears. It is like it is disabled or something. I don't have any plugins that disable block usage like "EssentailsX Protect" or "WorldGuard". Also, my spawn protect is at -1 so it is disabled.

    Server: Spigot 1.11
    - ChatEx
    - Citizens
    - EssentailsX
    - EssentailsXGeoIP
    - EssentailsXSpawn
    - EssentailsXXMPP
    - Multiverse-Core
    - Multiverse-Inventories
    - Multiverse-Portals
    - PermissionsEx
    - SignCopy
    - SilkSpawners
    - WorldEdit
  2. Pretty sure -1 means everywhere. Try 0.
  3. -1 means it is disabled and I am operator to it shouldn't matter to me
  4. Well if you have permissions ex it doesn't matter if you're op. do you have the * permission?
  5. Definitely has to be a permission issue. I've become a little addicted to structure blocks (right up to a point where I devised a scheme where I save a multi-part structure in such a way that you only need to load the main part and the rest gets automatically loaded (only caveat is that you obviously can't rotate ;))) and well... I've played with 1.11 today as well, including my favorite (saved) structures and I've experienced no issues at all.

    So I think it's somewhat safe to rule out Spigot 1.11 itself.

    Just my 2 cents obviously.
  6. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    You need op and creative
  7. i Do
  8. what happens if you remove essentials spawn? if nothing, try removing pex and see if it does something (just to debug)
  9. good evening I have a similar problem so I decided to cheat one in with the /setblock command now I cant break it without using the same cmd. I know there is a plugin that uses worldedit to achieve a similar thing. I think its called craft book but frankly, i don't know how to operate that
  10. First of all:this thread is at least 1 year old so it might have been a better idea to create a new thread. Also because I doubt that your problem is the same. During the time of this thread we were at Minecraft 1.11, now we're at 1.12.2.

    Normally you'd use /give to give yourself a structure block and as md5 noted: you need to be both an operator and be in creative mode.

    But yeah, client mods such as Schematica or perhaps MCEdit can also sort this stuff out.

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