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  1. Hey guys could you check out this server and tell me why it is not growing?

    The ip is:
  2. Mikgreg


    1) Boring grey motd
    2) Generic boring spawn
    3) Unformatted ugly chat
    4) How the fuck do i leave spawn
    5) Just your average easy to run survival server.
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  3. -Motd in progress.
    -You can leave spawn if you look around spawn

    Very useful post though.
  4. Mikgreg


    Put some signs up pointing the way out of spawn, players shouldn't have to navigate their own way out ;p
  5. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Before I say this, I'm like the CinemaSins of minecraft servers, I even hate my own at times.

    Server was unexpectedly closed while looking for first point
    Walls of signs, some of which were empty
    Fragmented rule system (Rules wall then another sign says to follow pvp rules at a warp)
    The warp for pvprules doesn't exist
    Signs placed on the ground look unprofessional or my OCD flares up
    One of your rules is not to break the rules and pointing at one of the rules...what
    You don't state punishments for breaking rules other than I should beg and offer cake if I do
    Your shop doesn't have all the item frames filled
    Random hatch/fence gate where everything else is in itemframes in the shop
    No information on what you sell costs until you sell it offered
    You have /pl accessible by anyone
    You have glowstone with hatches at spawn , some of the hatches are open or missing
    Why the hell are there ocelots everywhere?!
    Is the 12 year old in me flaring up or does this look like...
  6. We are making a welcome message that tells you where to go
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  7. Spawn is still in progress.
  8. Seeing as you are trying to grow your server a good idea to prepare for a larger community would be to use a different IP / domain to connect to the server. Right now you are using What happens if you decide you want to switch hosts? Your IP / the domain your users are connecting with will change. It is better to use a domain that you own / bought from a domain registrar or even use
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  9. Thanks guys for the help. This is Matt and I am the owner so I figure I should come so I can help discuss this with you guys a bit more.

    Dmck2b, thanks for all the tips and that shows me exactly what players are thinking when they join. It also helps me realize all the work that I wanted to do yet I forgot about while doing other things. Now I just have a few questions on what your saying.

    How would you place signs to look professional? I attempted to place them so people would see and know where to go, but I really see your point.
    You can do /worth to see what an item is worth (Ill put something in shop to show that)
    What is wrong with having /pl accesible to anyone? I always thought people would like to know what commands are on the server.
    I dont even know about the ocelots, they just kept coming one day and never stopped. Sorry about that.

    The rest I just plain out need to work on and I know it. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Ill look into that, really seems to be a good idea.
  11. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    As for the signs, you have a load of 4 wide spaces, meaning that the signs will either be on one side or the other of an invisible line. I try to make things 3/5 or any odd number wide as there is a middle point that the signs can go on and look centered. You also had a few signs that were directional. Like one facing you dead on then one at an angle.

    For seeing commands, you can use /help as it lists the plugins and commands they have access to. I just find it can be a security feature like say you have x plugin installed and there's a vulnerability in it, /pl and they know you have it. Whereas if they don't have access to that plugin, they wont know you have it without attempting to use the vulnerability which sometimes can take time to setup, why would they bother if it isn't a 100% change of succeeding with so many servers out there?

    As for the ocelots, you were using worldguard for your spawn if I wasn't mistaken, /rg flag regionname mob-spawning deny or select the area with worldedit and //setbiome biomenamehere except don't choose jungle, that's what's spawning them.
  12. Makes sense, Ill be sure to fix that up right away.

    Also while we are at it, what do you guys think of my website and advertisements? Website:
  13. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    1. Tried joining, it was offline.

    2. Millions of other servers use Enjin, nothing unique about it.
    Header looks nice, blinds me while reading it though. :p

    3. Forum post looks great.

  14. It says it was offline? It should be online and has been for the past 20 minutes or so. Hope this isn't an issue on my end, scares me that I could be losing players from it showing the server is offline.
  15. Thanks guys for all this help :)
    1. You might want to consider a new header that complements the theme of the website
    2. Disable the purchases statistics thing on the home page
    3. you forgot to label the unique hits container
    4. The gallery tab is almost completely useless
    5. On your store page " Read the terms and conditions! By purchasing a rank you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions below." there is 2 spaces between -and agreed-
    6. Yet again under the store module the tos container is not named and the text background color is flat out UGLY
    7. You can make a user check a box in the enjin donation module to accept the tos so why does there have to be a poorly written tos at the bottom of the page?
    8. The font for the tos is too small am I signing away my life?
    9. FB G+ and Twitter tabs at the top of the page are exactly why I had to install ad block
    10. The recruitment tab has an access denied error? What where you even using that for?
    11. Members tab is useless
    12. Contact us tab is completely pointless as it has nothing more then an empty container and the server IP
    13. The server IP from the contact us tab should be on the main page
    14. Mystery box! in the store doesn't seem like a good buy - It seem like all the stuff the description talked about was stuff I could get with an xray mod
    15. The entire shop is all generic items I could find on any server in fact the Elite rank is something people would buy on my server for maybe $15
    16. I highly consider getting an actual domain name... -_-
    Time to move on to the server​
    1. I saw the d***s on the way to the ranks and to the libary
    2. wtf is the library
    3. 3 ranks of admin yet 1 rank of mod 3/4 of the ranks are admin?
    4. The entire user ranks thing just tells you that you get more perms? I wana know the perms... This is like me trying to sell you something without telling you anything but that I know that it's better... -_-
    5. Having all the beacon effects in spawn is annoying (at least to me)
    6. You do not have permission to list warps... -_-
    7. all the warps @ warp warps have no point...
    8. Info board(s) is completely blank
    9. After wondering around the spawn I found a shop why is this not advertised?
    10. There are signs in the shop warning me not to abuse the signs? WTF?
    11. There is a /warp warps sign around every frekin corner!
    12. Glowstone at spawn is ugly
    13. After looking around more a nether portal? random?
    14. Lol the first bracket in the [Broadcast] message is white [Broadcast]
    15. The spawn is more of a tower defense, my first step and mobs came crowding into the spawn area, easy kills...
    16. Long boring worldedit walkway
    17. Snow forms on the walkway...
    18. safe edit... Use AWE it has better methods, even though this will soon be outdated
    19. For your size of server ClearLagg will not impact performance at all
    20. At one point in the walkway the stairs become all messed up facing the wrong direction? WorldEdit fail?
    21. /tpa is a blocked command
    Overall the server is flat out confusing. The game play is anything I could find in the Single Player tab of minecraft. Try to make the game play unique to your server. I made a faction server like this in 1/2 a day.
  16. Wow, never expected to wake up to that. Good tips and I fixed what I thought needed it, which was allot of what you posted. All seemed like small errors and allot of it I never even realized was wrong. Thanks for all the help guys!
  17. to summarize everyone else... professionalism.

    It doesn't look like that yet, and a professional looking and operating server is important even beyond the features you add.
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  18. It's the small things that matter