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  1. NOTE: Sorry about this but I don't really know where to post this error so i'm just posting it here.

    Hello, my server keeps timing out for some reason and I just close it every time and restart it, but this time I left it up and it gave me a ton of errors and said to please report to spigotmc. I'm using the latest build on (Because getspigot stopped working a long time ago)

    Here's the log:

    Please help me figure out why my server stops timing out and how I can fix it.
  2. plugins list show me
  3. Seems to be when you type in /save-all correct?
  4. No, Me and me friend have been trying to build on this server, and it randomly times out so we keep typing /save-all every few seconds or so because it could time out at any second and when it times out it doesn't save and all our builds are gone. It happened to time out at that moment
  5. i'm not sure but problem is NBT tags maybe is world crash
  6. what does that mean
  7. helloooo its been 5 hours and 22 minutes
  8. And?
    Begin by using a legal, official and up-to-date version of Spigot using BuildTools
    If this is a shared hosting, contact your hosting provider.
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  9. I dont use BuildTools and i dont even know where to download an up-to-date version of spigot besides can u gimme a link pls
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  10. BuildTools isn't even working properly, git keeps giving me a bunch of errors. Even when its working right it doesn't even update the server for me
  11. Sounds like your internet to me. If you're hosting the server on your machine (which im guessing is the case, since most hosts I know dont time out like this), you should try paid hosting. Some 8$ a month isn't crazy expensive, and when you have issues you can contact the host for help.
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    it won't update the server for you, you need to take the jar that it creates and replace your old server jar

    Beyond that, watchdog crashes are somewhat highly inaccurate, but if I was to take that crash at face value, your HDD is too slow for the server to keep up, it could also just be that a plugin beforehand did something stupid like locked up the main thread while trying to check for a plugin update.