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  1. Hello, i am new to the spigot forums. My server doesn't work. Could someone help me with it? I am inserting the log file below. Thanks

    EDIT: I removed some of the plugins and i can connect but it is really lagging and minute after it crashes

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  2. I think the problem is that you are in a corrupt chunk in the world this happened to me. Install a new map and login to that map see if it is the same.
  3. You added a plugin twice! {"Vortifier"}
    A Plugin cannot be loadded! {"ChangeSkin"} (Use SkinRestorer, it's better)
    You added a unsuported character in bukkit config!
    Vortifier could not bind to a IP
    CratesPlus does not support 1.12!
    You're using so many plugins! You already have SkinRestorer too!

    Overral: You dumped a shit ton of plugins and your server couldn't keep up with it.
  4. Ok thanks you very much for help i will try to use your solutions and then write back
  5. OK, so it appears to be the map. Thanks you very much MGPro for the help! I will be trying to fix the map because there was like 50 players on.
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