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  1. Solution: I finally got localhost to connect and found out that my IP actually DID change. I was thinking maybe its just not listed as changed but it is changed and thought it always shows accurate in /seen and I used it, and I found the new IP. It is going to be annoying to change the Cover Address though.

    Randomly, my WiFi cut out and I couldn't reconnect. I decided to restart my computer. after many (20+) attempts to reconnect to my main WiFi and then my secondary crash WiFi and I couldn't reconnect. After getting it back up, I was able to connect and then restarted the server. It worked and had all of it loaded, but then when I tried connecting it says its offline. I went to multiple of the sites I advertise on and they all say it is offline. I restarted the server and it still has the error, although in the Command Prompt it did all of the start-up and shows no errors. What do I do?

    Also, since someone brought up the host, I do not use a hosting provider. I host the server off of my computer myself to make it cheaper to do since I am a student and don't have time for a job allowing me to pay for a Hosting Provider. I also know it's not that safe to host it off of my own computer. It doesn't matter to me because I know all about Computer Security, I have taken classes for it. I know how to protect myself. I have encrypted my host computer, I use VPNs, and take all other precautionary measures that are needed.
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  2. maybe the IP/Port changed? I'd check in with your hosting provider.
  3. I don't use a hosting provider, I run it off of my PC. I already checked my IP and Port, neither of them has changed. I was on the server all day until my WiFi went out and I restarted and since then, the server isn't working. I have even tried Local Host connection, proving it isn't a problem with my IP or Port.
  4. if it's localhosted, you connect using "localhost" and I don't think others can join unless you port forwarded i t.
  5. Also i'ts like... not safe to host it. off your pc
  6. I know, it's not my main PC and I take full-precautions with Anti-Virus, VPNs, and much more. I know localhost is just for me to connect, but all the other connections have always worked. I tested localhost, which I never use, just to see if it was a problem with the Port Forwarding, IP Address, or the Web Address, and since I couldn't connect via localhost it proved it wasn't, it was an all-around offline error. It is port forwarded and I have had a community that connects through and it just randomly is offline always after I start it. I prefer to run off my PC as it is much cheaper to do so. I have been running the server since last December and this is the first issue of it being Offline after I start it. I don't know what the error is because it doesn't crash, it starts but it is offline.