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  1. Hello, I am looking for a plugin that does the following

    When a server goes offline or online it will alert a player with a permission when a server is online or offline

    Server {NAME} is now OFFLINE

    Server {NAME} is now ONLINE

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  3. Anyone? Its a good idea
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  4. Inkzzz

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    When a server goes online save the data server and online to a MySQL database, and when it goes offline save the server and offline to a MySQL database. When a server is online add it to a arraylist, every couple of seconds check if the servers in the arraylist, if not say it's offline. Then when a server is offline and it comes back online, broadcast that it's back online, and add it back to the arraylist.
  5. He's looking for one, not making one
  6. Inkzzz

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    Oh sorry, I didn't read it properly, as it's under bungee development
  7. Have a plugin on all the servers, and when its disabled, send a message to all the servers saying its going offline, and when it goes online vice versa
  8. Would not work for crashes, check it over Bungeecord instead.
  9. Check with the proxy server ?
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  10. <3 dude thanks (Sorry for the late reply man) Thankss!!!
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