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  1. I'm trying to setup my survival server to run faster. I'm looking for tips, suggestions, plugins, etc. that will help me improve my server's performance.

    Server Specs:
    CPU: i7 3770k @ 4.5GHz
    RAM: 32GB
    SSD: 256GB
    HDD: 2TB
    Port Speed: 10GB/s Protected.

    Player Population: Jumps between 100-250 players depending on the time.
    Plugins: antiInvisibility, automessage, buycraft, clearlag, creativecontrol, disguisecraft, essentials, factions, fastsoup ultimate, friendlyhopper, galistener, hawkeye, hidestream, iportal, lockette, mobcash, morecraftablesslw, multiworld, nametagedit, NoCheatPlus, nogoditems, permissionsex, protocollib, pvppack, pwnfilter, ra1nrank, vault, vaultrank, votifier, worldborder, worldedit, worldguard.



    Is it better to have a higher number on the growth's or lower?
    Also if you got better settings let me know.
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  2. Dmck2b

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    Lower numbers for growth. Currently you've got things growing at 3-4 times the normal speed.

    Most things look good, I changed your Spigot.yml a bit for you though.

    Removed tab to complete as it can be a security issue, dropped growth rates to 75% of default singleplayer and I lowered the time it takes for items to despawn and your timings are suggesting they are causing issues on your server.
  3. [Updated the timings and Spigot.yml]

    Thanks for the suggestions; anything else you know?
  4. Wazez


    is that the i7 from intreppid?
  5. I swear we talked about this on youtube or on spigot's irc.
  6. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Things are looking pretty good imo, your tps is basically perfect. If you want to improve things a little bit further, you could extend the item combine radius and decay time, but imo it's basically perfect and lowering the decay time might start to interfere with player's builds.
  7. Is there anything you know about NoCheatPlus? There's a lot of people who say it's bad for huge servers.
    I also noticed my plugin Ra1nRank has 190 Violations, could this be affecting the server's performance?
  8. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    I never had any issues when it came to NCP, but I can see how when it scales it could cause issues. Not really sure what to say, as sadly it really is quite essential to servers now. If you want to do some testing of removing modules to try prevent it from causing lags, I'm pretty sure it's the movement checks that are causing the issues.
  9. Tested AntiCheat.... Way worse than NoCheatPlus... Kind of wish the old NoCheat still worked, it was very lightweight.
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