server overloaded solutions?

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  1. im running a 1.15.2 spigot on my raspberry pi 3, is that message an issue?

    edit: heres the timings:

    any suggestions? view distance is 3, id like to have it at 5 atleast but its pretty bad as, currectly have 512mb allocated, i could go to around 700 but that would be about it
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    Raspberry pi is too weak for Minecraft.
    $2.50/month shared host will give better performance
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  3. Basicaly you are on the losing end.
    As the Model 3 is not strong enough to run anything beyond MC 1.12.2 (with no more than 6 players and a pinch of plugins).

    As md_5 suggested, online hosting has so many more advantages.
    You will need at least a 2GB server package to run a server above version MC 1.12.2
  4. Too little ram. My minecraft server on my rasperbby has 3.5Gb allocated and is still lagging once in a while.
  5. raspberry pi is cool to mess around with but i definitely wouldn't run a minecraft server on it
    i'd point you to find a better solution to run a server on
  6. The CPU is also incredibly basic when compared to desktop ones.
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  7. Did you looked at the temperature of the cpu? Raspberry pi can reach 72°c(it burnt my fingers)
  8. I recommend using Pebblehost, you can get cheap and good deals.
    It is also real nice in my oppinion.