Server owner blatantly claiming public plugins to be theirs

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  1. Okay so i joined a server that is using a bunch of public plugins (like worldedit, factions, essentials, warpportals, fbasics, etc) but when you do /plugins it shows "ServernameCore (Custom coded by owners name)" as the only plugin.

    Also on the server page he talks about being a very experienced developer and coding the whole server solo.

    Basically what im asking is should i tell the plugin developers about this? Is it even worth it? I doubt this is allowed under the licenses of most of these plugins.
  2. I think you can do this and I am sure some plugin developers mind but most don't. Some servers say that just to "impress" people or another reason.
  3. Fun fact i just asked the owner why he has skript even though hes supposedly so experienced and he said he needed it for the /discord command which just displayed a link to their discord in chat nothing else (they also have discordsrv lol)
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    no, no point, it doesn't matter. There are plugins to hide the plugin list or have a custom output. Just move on.
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  5. lol

    As long as he's not getting paid much, if at all, for free plugins, it's all good. But I guess that's something we don't know...
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    Nobody will really give a shit. As to the /pl list, it's not uncommon to disable or limit what it reports.
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    who cares? if he's not selling them then it's no problem
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  8. Technically it could be their own, but they just published it in case other people want access to how that server functions, so they are not completely wrong.