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  1. Hello Guys i am a founder of a Op prison called ultimaterealms,I just wondering how I can start partnership on other server and what I'll to parnetship with them and What agreement should I put on parnetship? Thanks guys

    Note: I rrly dun knu if this is the right section of post in this
  2. You will not get a good partnership if you do not use complete sentences, Proper english, And punctuation.
  3. Coming from the person who capitalised a word after a comma, yet failed to capitalise English.
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  4. Point prooven. On mobile, It doesnt work like it would on a computer. Why dont you stop being a dick and accept suggestions.
  5. Because your suggestion added nothing to OP's question. It was just mindless dig at someone about a point that is completely irrelevant which you fucked up your point...

    A partnership in what context, which another server offering a different game or? I would personally think that to be quite a risky venture, unless you fully trust the partner?
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  6. Swearing also does not tend to help any situation.

    If you are wondering what things you should agree on, it is probably if you are going to connect to a BungeeCord Network (If one of you do not already), or if both of you do, you may want to think about using RedisBungee, to connect the two proxy's together.

    Also, there is the money aspect of things. Who is going to pay for it all, or are you both going to pay for your own separate bit. Then there is the name issue, if you have different ones, which to use? You will have to figure it out by yourselves, and it also helps if you don't do rock, paper, scissors. Also, another aspect, is that how are you going to do staff? Your's and their's have different staff, or just a whole load globally?

    They are some of the agreements you are looking towards.

    EDIT// It is also very important that you fully trust them, as stated here: