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  1. I don't really know where to post this but I am making Sword Art Online servers. One server for each floor.
    I need help finding plugins for these servers. I have some of the basic plugins but I just need some advice to help find the rest.
  2. 0_0 Nice idea, but youre going to need a custom developer to make custom plugins for you to do this. goto the services and recruitment section. =D great idea i'd love to join your released server someday! though 100 levels might be REALLY LAGGY. I mean 100 servers XD!!!
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  3. latiku


    Fucking love SAO
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  4. Thanks
    We plan on splitting them up so they aren't laggy
  5. MythicMobs to customize bosses well I think that's what it is called
  6. OMG I can help make mythic mobs for you!!! im currently getting paid to do 30+ mobs from a client of $40!!!
  7. I will consider that. Thank you
  8. I have not seen any SAO server pop up recently, but if you wouldn't mind hopping on board an existing server then mine is always open to staff applications!