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  1. Hey everyone, I would like to make a review of after using it for a little over 1 year now. Here is my review.

    -Free servers
    -Cheap premium servers
    -Great support
    -Easy plugin installation from hundreds of plugins
    -Fast servers
    -Custom jar support
    -Easy to use multicraft panel
    -Unlimited players
    -YouTube tutorials on many plugins
    -Many free subdomains
    -Instant setup
    -Support for cracked accounts

    -Free servers have queue
    -Limited number of plans
    -Max 1 free server
    -Free servers have a 10 plugin limit (does not limit .sk files for Skript users)
    -No DDoS protection

    Others may have more cons, but I think they are great! I have loved the service ever since I got it. It is a very popular service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good host. I hope this helps others with their hosting needs!
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