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  1. I've been looking for server hosts and I came across I gave the free one a try, not too much though. How is this hosting service? Anyone have experience with it?
  2. Stay far away from
  3. ^ as said above, I have heard some not good things about them. better select a more trusted host
  4. I don't have experience with, but I wanted to suggest ExtraVM as an alternative. The owner is a former staff member of Spigot and he really knows his stuff. Great pricing and FANTASTIC support.
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  5. What kind of problems are there?
  6. I don't remember now, would have explained if I would have remembered xD
  7. If you're in or around Europe I would suggest a hosting provider called Contabo. I haven't used them for long but their service is good and customer service is superb (called in and instantly got on line with a helpful support person). But the real kicker is the price/performance. Here's the specs for 2 of their models (differences color coded):

    - 4 / 4 CPU (2 cores & 2 hyperthreading threads)
    - 6 / 12 GB of RAM
    - 500GB HDD with SSD caching / 300GB pure SSD drive
    - 100 Mbit/s to your server, not a shared speed like MC only hosts
    - DDoS protection included

    These specs for 7€ / 9€

    If you're interested but have no idea how to set up a server on a VPS then I can help you with that. Hit me up on Discord (Tundral#4741) and I can help you with the setup.

    NOTE!: I'm not in any business affiliation except for customership with above company. I advertise them to you because I don't want you to throw away your money on big brands and high search result providers!
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  8. 1gbps :)
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  9. 1Gbp/s what?
  10. DDoS Protection
  11. Well I don't have any concrete info on that and haven't been DDoSed myself. I am curious though about where you go this figuire from?
  12. I've tested my contabo VPS before and I did a 5gbps ddos attack on it and it went down. I tried to go lower but I didn't have any booters that had lower power than that.
  13. How long ago was this and have you tried to repeat said attack again at a later time?
  14. Contabo take your server offline as soon as an attack appears, even a small one. There isn't any DDOS protection at all. See
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  15. Thanks for letting me know, but I'm in NA so I don't think I can use it.
  16. It's better if you buy a dedicated Server in a Good Hosting that provides that.

    If you need help setting up that. Just tell me :)

  17. Pebble Host is always a good company! I love their service
  18. Legoman99573


    Still ways to send more bot nodes and take the server down. Guess you havent seen booter tools before. is the biggest meme as well as ggservers
  19. That was ironic, Contabo has no real ddos protection (or max. 1gbps) , they are likely to just null route.
  20. l keep recommending Contabo as long as my server has no troubles. feel free to send me a DDoS with your booters to the address in the signature and I'll be sure to swap back to OVH and stop recommending Contabo if my server is taken down.

    EDIT: I've added my server to a serverlist here. If you check the IP you can find out it's owned by Contabo, to prove that the server is indeed hosted at Contabo. I urge FusionStyleFX and Legoman99573 to DDoS down my server with their spooky booters! If the server goes down you can see it from the serverlist uptime and at and we can once and for all conclude that no one should use Contabo cause their anti-DDoS sucks!

    Well then OVH is your second best option. I've used their VPSes for over a year and the longest downtime was an hour or so (I don't even remember) and they compensated 50% of my payment for the dowtime. For a year after that, there was no downtime due to OVH that a 5min interval pinger would have noticed.

    They have robust DDoS protection since they're one of the biggest hosting companies in the world.

    Here's their VPS offering. NA servers are in Quebec Canada.

    If you just want to tip your toes into the server business or are just making a small server to mess around with then I'd recommend getting the VPS SSD 1 plan since it has enough to run a server of even 20 players and a few plugins, but anything more than that will probably require more CPU.

    An exception to this is if you want to run a survival server with no world size limit then you'll probably at least need the 50GB extra disk space ($5) added to the VPS SSD 1.

    If you're expecting many players and are going to use RAM heavy plugins then I'd recommend going with the VPS Cloud 2. It has enough RAM for quite some plugins and quite a few players and because of higher clocked CPU, it can handle a few more online players than the VPS SSD line.

    The former option will be good up to 20 players at least with moderate plugins and the latter should be good up to 40-50 with moderate plugins.

    If you need to go heavy on the plugins and don't mind really investing in the server business then check out SoYouStart's game servers. SoYouStart is a subsidiary (or just a section) of OVH and enjoys the same DDoS protection as OVH.

    They have I7 CPUs with fast single threaded performance (which MC needs) and loads of RAM. It will definitely be able to accommodate a 100 people with ease using RAM heavy plugins.
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