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  1. I'm waiting for your 5Gb/s booter man!
  2. gotchu
  3. Well if you're only pushing 5Gbps to it then Contabo anti-DDoS indeed either shit or nonexistent. If it wasn't for the anti-DDoS their service would be top notch.

    Back to trying out other VPSes it is then I guess.
  4. Was actually 3gbps
  5. Here is a link to a recording of my support call with Contabo on Soudcloud. I have added some comments into the Souncloud post description (to keep info from being listed on a search engine search).

    TL;DR Contabo is fine for services which aren't publically listed but if the IP is listed somewhere it seems to be ridiculously easy to get a server down for quite some time (40min for me).
  6. Try a GRE tunnel from some other company which is nearby. You don't need anything expensive, just enough to get all data through and back.
  7. Yeh I actually came across that yesterday and set up a GRE tunnel from an OVH VPS to the game server (Strasbourg to Munich, 350km) which seems to be working fine.

    I'm actually surprised none of the companies with big networks and strong anti-DDoS (or someone buying from them) are offering any easy anti-DDoS for all kind of applications using GRE or IPIP tunneling in this kind of manner:
    1. Customer orders DDoS protection proxy
    2. The customer specifies the IP they want to protect and specify ports they want to be forwarded from an easy web interface
    3. The service provider scripts/programs a VPS or other server (that's on a protected strong network like OVH) to create a tunnel for a new IP address and forward the chose port(s)
    4. Service provider gives the customer a generated script or set of commands (preferably both) to set up the tunnel on their server's side.
    5. Once the customer has set up their side of things the service provider's VPS automatically tests that everything is indeed working
    6. Give the customer the protected IP and it's done.

    On a big scale this would obviously be harder to set up than it seems and the customer base would be pretty small (people who have non-HTTP(S) services running on a VPS or dedicated server who aren't companies that can afford $100/m+ professional DDoS protection) but it would be an interesting niche service to make that might help some people like me get robust DDoS protection without buying a full VPS from OVH which essentially goes mostly to waste since even Teamspeak is useless with Discord around.

    I actually followed the guide on BuyVM's site to setup the GRE tunnel. They offer ultra cheap low end VPSes and cheap DDoS for tunneling that supposedly could handle 500Gb/s or 700M packets/s. You have knowledge on how good their Anti-DDoS really is? Once you get to ordering things you get fowarded to a site called Frantech that seems a bit janky and has quite bad reviews online.
  8. No clue, but @MikeA sure as hell should. OVH at least has a few terabytes, as the CEO proves on Twitter, at least.
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    BuyVM uses Voxility, I don't use Voxility, but they are better at mitigating L7 web attacks (POST/GET/etc) than OVH, but that's about it. Over the years my OVH servers have gotten probably well over a thousand attacks and never once has an IP gone down, or at minimum more than a few seconds. Attack notifications are sent to clients who have servers who get attacked, so maybe someone can back that up.
  10. Not only attack notifications, also server issues. When the monitoring is enabled, you'll instantly get an email stating something is wrong with your server (like not responding to pings or service ... is not working), which also states that if its not solved within x minutes or so, someone at datacenter will check things out. At least that's what the email says.
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    @MrDienns I was talking about my service, saying maybe someone that has a service with me can back up my claim that OVH mitigates pretty much any attack without any downtime. But yes, you're right about that and OVH.
  12. Yeah I get tons of ddos attacks every month on my OVH servers and not a single attack has even affected my server at all.
  13. There's so much more to "DDoS Protection/Attacks" than just "It can handle 1Gbp/s attacks!".
  14. YES YES YES use it
    im using it (free) and I have a big server :cool::cool::cool::cool:
  15. Did I say somewhere that Contabo can handle 1Gbp/s or insinuate that volumetric attacks are all of DDoS attacks/protection?
  16. try very cheap prices

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