server problems with low connections

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  1. Hello! let's see if anyone can recommend me something
    I have a dedicated server with 32GB of ram (a good OVH server) I have running on my miencraft server with paper-1.14.4 latest.
    me and all the people who have a good internet can play without any lag, hours and hours without noticing 1 single lag spike
    I am even impressed by how fluid the server is going with 70 plugins installed
    but when a player with a normal / bad connection enters the server is not able to play due to the lag that has
    my ping and that of all the players when connecting to the server is 0 and gradually increases until I reach the normal ping of each player (35 in my case)
    Even when I login to the server and I have 0 ping it seems that it is only a visual effect because I can play normally, but as I said, people who do not have such a good connection as I also enter the server with 0 ping but they are expelled I don't understand very well why.
    before using paper I used spigot 1.14.4 with a very similar result but in this case when entering the server I had 200 ping and down to my normal ping of 35. The same with all the people who have good connection
    but people who have a bad connection still have the same problem with a totally different server
    Which makes me think that the problem may lie in a plugin that takes a long time to load?
    in the server console there is absolutely no error and the server has more than 12GB of free ram
    I have tried to optimize the server with certain guides and I have tried to use the Java startup flags for Paper with no difference in the result
    Server timings do not show high load times
  2. Hello,

    This could be an issue caused by a plugin. i'm not impressed your server is running well with 70 plugins, but there's maybe a conflict.

    I can recommend you to switch to 1.15.1 too, it's more stable than 1.14.4
    Try disabling your plugins one per one, maybe it will help you to fix your issue.

    Best regards,
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  3. okay I'll try, do you recommend me to continue using paper?
  4. After a long time looking for the problem I have found that if I delete bungeecord and run the survival server only directly the problem is completely solved
  5. I had also tried the optimization guide before with worse results than I already had