Server Ram HIGH Even If No Players Or Onine Please Help! D:

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  1. Hey! I Just was curious if anyone could help me , my servers ram is real bad even if no one is online however the TPS Is brilliant I think it may be a plugin please let me know if u know what plugins make RAM High on minecraft servers its a 40 Slot server however its currently in the making so only max 5 atm and ram can go to 90? Thanks For Taking Time To Read/Help Me


    Plugins Picture Bellow <3
    RAM And Cpu \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

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  2. Btw That's With Just Me. 1 Player Online
  3. Seems like you're using a really bad host. If you're going to have a bad host, I wouldn't suggest having 80+ plugins.
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  4. I don't think its a bad host its got over 5000 people hosting with them aswell , also its 40 slots not 80
  5. I said 80 plugins, not slots.
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  6. Please show output of: /lag

    Does this also say that u are using so much RAM?
  7. Add a /timings paste

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  8. That seems normal to me.