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  1. I have a dedicated server with a Bungeecord Minecraft server inside we have currently a Hub, SG, OP KitPvP and BedWars servers but how much RAM should be dedicated on average server info below:

    4 x Cores
    4 x Memory (Shall be upping It through my sponsor soon most likely between 16-32GB)
    1 TB SATA
    100Mbps Connection
  2. jkl123m14


    It depends.
    I would use this configuration:
    BungeeCord - 512MB
    SG - 4GB (Also depends what kind of playerbase you are going to have, and how many maps. Same with BedWars)
    KitPvp - 2GB
    BedWars - 4GB
    Hub - 1 - 2 GB

    You can also look at this:
  3. Cheers mate