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  1. I'm planning on buying a Server computer to run a Spigot server on, And I'm not so sure on what to get. But I wanna have a pretty strong server. So I was aiming on 32gb RAM, and a SSD.
    I don't really know what sort of processor I should get either. Hex-core, Quad-core? I don't really know.
    I'm planning on hosting it at my house, but might move it to a Serverhall. My internet connection at home is 100/100. Is that enough, or should I get a Serverhall, where I could get 1000/1000?

    And if it helps.
    I live in Sweden so the server will be hosted in Sweden, But I could still order the parts for the server from outside of Sweden.
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    Never, ever use home-grade connection. You should know that, if you're making the step to actually buy a server. Think about Connection speeds, DDoS Protection and Bandwidth usage.

    Depending on the size of your server 32GB might be enough, though if you're looking into the future (And your server is already big), you might want to invest in some more RAM sticks.

    HHD wise, SSD's will be perfect. Pick a size that might fit your server (Also think about Backups, OS, Web hosting,...). You want to make sure you have some space left. Though, we would need some more information on what your server is about, how big it is, any other necessary information?

    Again, depending on the size of your server, you have to pick a processor. Really any v2/v3 Xeon E3 will probably be fine. Think Quad-Core, Hyper threading and Speeds (You might want to go 3Ghz+). If you're, again, looking into the future, an E5 might be as good (Though clock speeds are usually lower on these, however they are 6/8-core processors). Overclocked i7-3770k's might also work fine.

    I want to warn you though. I think you're looking too much into the future at this moment. Think about the size of your server. Do you really want to spend that much on something that you might not be using anymore in less then a year? How are donations coming through, and do you have money to advertise your server? These are just a lot of important factors. A server along isn't anything...
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    100/100 is more than enough but its probably best to actually rent a server
    Just having an expensive & well performing server does not mean it will attract players.

    Rent a $10 server from MCProhosting or a VPS and work your way up.
    If you feel you want to do colocation talk to Kainzo as he is one of the few I know doing that for his servers.
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  4. When it comes to Advertising and that stuff. I've been running another server for about a year, and I got around 5000 Dollars from donations. So I got some experience running a server. My Connection is actually protected against DDoS attacks. Do you still recommend a Serverhall, or would my Connection at home be good enough?

    I've got the Web hosting covered (I've already begun creating the site Through Enjin).

    I don't really know what the best OS is, but I've been running a small Minecraft server with my old Desktop computer, and it takes about 30 Players. On that Server I was running Ubuntu Server. And I had no problems with the OS. But what OS would give me the best performance for the server?

    I've already begun making the server on my Own Computer, and I'm planning on using McMyAdmin or MultiCraft to Administrate it through the web. I'm also gonna have BungeeCord Installed to be able to have different types of servers. Like Factions and Deathban PvP. And I might add some Minigames if I would want to.

    And if I would not wanna be running the server anymore for some reason. I would still have use for a good Server computer. And I could even sell it if I would not wanna keep it.
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    If your connection is protected against DDoS attacks, and your provider allows you that amount of bandwidth, it's perfect. Myself, I would still go with a Data Centre.

    I wouldn't recommend Enjin for many reasons. Besides, it's not compatible with BungeeCord, and I made a very bad myself to choose it. Besides, it's overpriced.

    If I'd need to pick an OS, CentOS works just fine. Though, running Ubuntu to isn't a problem. On the side of Administration Software, I'd just pick the console. Both control panels seem very nice, but once's you get the hang of using the SSH console, you'll have no problem using it.
  6. What's bad with Enjin, and what would you recommend instead?
    What would a Website builder that is Compatible with BungeeCord give me?
    I don't really understand what features BungeeCord can give to a website.

    I'm familliar with SSH and I've been using it a bit, but I find a Control Panel much better, Like if I wanna have Admins/Moderators, the control panel will let me give them different permissions on the Control panel, plus if I wanna have a Broadcast message on loop, a control panel would fix that too, and it's much more to it.
    Is there something bad with a Control Panel though? It can't take that much on the server can it?
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    Enjin is just very bad. Overpriced, and very limited in terms of features (For example the amount of modules with the Advanced Plan). BungeeCord --> Website will mean available players online, donating, player graphs etc.

    There's nothing wrong with a Control Panel, that's just my personal preference. It won't really hurt your performance.
  8. Okay, but what would you recommend instead of Enjin?
  9. Make your own. :3
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  10. I'm not that good with CSS/HTML So I can't really create my own :/
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    XenForo/IP.Board/... Most common CMS software.
  12. ... But it's being used by most servers. Soooo boring.
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    I'm pretty sure that you can customise it so it looks quite special. Not everyone has coding experience, and not everyone has too (We're talking apart from BootStrap, which is overused as well).
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    Seen it a million other times, honestly it's just best to go with what you like.
    Some servers like Enjin, I personally hated it when I used it.

    I just bought Xenforo a few days ago, cause its the one I am most comfortable using between Bukkit, Spigot, Spout, and other sites.
    Also wanted something like, with a different theme but same minimal look but figured the cost & time to get someone to do it I just went and got XF.
  15. I've been using XenForo for over a year. Your post doesn't make any sense, since XenForo isn't minimal at all. I like XenForo, to be honest. But all those (many times NULLED!) boards using Flexile based themes... It just looks all the same to me. And I never said I will keep my current design. Bootstrap allows me to change it easily.
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    I use Serif WebPlus.I agree that my website is terrible, but that i DID make that website with no HTML knowledge about 8 months ago. The website is also unique, and i suppose it does its job (a couple of things are outdated, but not largely so)
    If i redesigned my website still using Serif Webplus i could probably come up with something much better.
  17. Collocation is a lot of work but can easily save you 50-75% on a yearly basis. Do not collocate if you aren't in it for the long term. I've been running for 3 years on collocation machines and we've saved considerably over that time.

    $1500-2500 is your average cost of your machine for one time, plus $50-100 a month collocation. Over the course of a year, you're looking at saving $1000-1500, depending on the equal hardware and what OVH or some other center charges for a dedicated.

    The same machine I have would cost around $300-400 a month to rent, I paid $1400 and built it myself.
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