Server Resource Packs on Bungeecord servers?

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  1. Hello. I have recently come across a problem on my Bungeecord server. I want to have server resource packs for each specific server on the Bungeecord server, but however I have found because the servers are required to be in offline-mode, it does not work because it can't download the resource packs. Well I believe that is the problem. But I know it is somehow possible as I have seen some larger servers such as Hypixel do such a thing. Anyone know how to get around this or am I just doing something stupidly wrong? Thanks a lot.
  2. Having the server in offline mode shouldn't stop it from sending players resource packs, are you doing this via a custom plugin?
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  3. Nope, I'm just putting the link in the file. I'm not sure if the offline mode is actually the problem, it was just a hypothesis.
  4. So you have put the link in the properties file but it still doesn't work and you have resource packs enabled on your client?
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  5. Yeah it seems to download for the person that set the resource pack link in the file, but nobody else. It's really weird.
  6. Where are you hosting the resource pack file?
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  7. Unfortunately no there isn't, do you have any wen hosting to host the file? And also have you tried other services to host the resource pack?, I believe media fire generates a new link for each ip that accesses the download... Also check that the properties file hasn't put a \ in http://
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  8. Also try dropbox that works for me...
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  9. Yeah we do have a web server, but we tried dropbox and it worked! Stupid mediafire. Thanks a lot!
  10. No problem :D
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  11. XD yes thanks you
  12. How does it know who set the resource pack link???
  13. The issue is sorted now...