Server Restarts then ShutsDown

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by CrosbytheCommie, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. I haven't a clue what happend, the server decides its done with life and restarts and shuts off
    Here's the length on the console when it happens (I didn't do any restart commands, nor do i have any restart plugins)

    [03:00:01 INFO]: Startup script './' does not exist! Stopping server.
    [03:00:01 INFO]: Stopping server
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [CrazyEnchantments] Disabling CrazyEnchantments v1.
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [SilkSpawners] Disabling SilkSpawners v5.0.2
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-NetherPortals] Disabling Multiverse-NetherPortals v2.5-b675
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-NetherPortals] - Disabled
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Factions] Disabling Factions v2.14.0
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Factions 2.14.0] Integration Deactivated IntegrationV18
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Factions 2.14.0] Integration Deactivated IntegrationV19
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Factions 2.14.0] Integration Deactivated IntegrationSpigot
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Factions 2.14.0] Disabled
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-Portals] Disabling Multiverse-Portals v2.5.0-b751
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [HolographicDisplays] Disabling HolographicDisplays v2.2.6
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-SignPortals] Disabling Multiverse-SignPortals v2.5-b665
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-SignPortals] - Disabled
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-Inventories] Disabling Multiverse-Inventories v2.5.0-SNAPSHOT-b418 [03:00:01 INFO]: [Essentials] Disabling Essentials v2.0.1-b488
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Vault][Economy] Essentials Economy unhooked.
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MassiveCore] Disabling MassiveCore v2.14.0
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MassiveCore 2.14.0] Integration Deactivated IntegrationLiabilityAreaEffectCloud
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MassiveCore 2.14.0] Integration Deactivated IntegrationVault
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MassiveCore 2.14.0] Disabled
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Multiverse-Core] Disabling Multiverse-Core v2.5.0-b727
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [WorldChat] Disabling WorldChat v1.0
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [GlobalGroupManager] Disabling GlobalGroupManager v1.2.0
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [Vault] Disabling Vault v1.5.6-b49
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [BuycraftX] Disabling BuycraftX v10.3.0
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [HeadGrabber] Disabling HeadGrabber v1.5.1
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [HeadGrabber] HeadGrabber is disabled, have a nice day!
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [RandomTeleport] Disabling RandomTeleport v2.3
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [ClearLag] Disabling ClearLag v2.9.7
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [ClearLag] Clearlag is now disabled!
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [GroupManager] Disabling GroupManager v2.0.4-b136
    [03:00:01 INFO]: WEPIF: GroupManager detected! Using GroupManager for permissions.
    [03:00:01 INFO]: GroupManager - INFO - Scheduled Data Saving is disabled!
    [03:00:01 INFO]: GroupManager version 2.0.4-b136 is disabled!
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MultiverseSpawn] Disabling MultiverseSpawn v1.1
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MultiverseSpawn] [Multiverse Spawn] Closing down...
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MultiverseSpawn] [Multiverse Spawn] Shutdown!
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [WorldEdit] Disabling WorldEdit v6.1.8-SNAPSHOT;cd4729f
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [EasyShop] Disabling EasyShop v1.3
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [EasyShop] Plugin Disabled
    [03:00:01 INFO]: [MultiverseHub] Disabling MultiverseHub v1.0
    [03:00:01 INFO]: Saving players
    [03:00:01 INFO]: CrosbyTheCommie lost connection: Server closed
    [03:00:01 INFO]: CrosbyTheCommie left the game
    [03:00:02 INFO]: Saving worlds
    [03:00:02 INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Hub'/overworld
    [03:00:02 INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Hub_nether'/the_nether
    [03:00:02 INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Hub_the_end'/the_end
    [03:00:02 INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'Factions'/overworld
  2. Your server attempts to restart, but te script is not there so it shuts down instead.
    As far as I know spigot servers do not restart on their own so you must have a plugin doing this.
  3. Like above said the script does not exist, and you can restart your own spigot server with /restart.
    You can configure the script name or file location in your spigot.yml file, and to have automatic restarts you should indeed probably look for a plugin that does that like AutoRestart.
  4. you can use this for your start script if on a unix operating system

    Code (Text):
    while true
    java -server -Xms<RAMAmount> -Xmx<RAMAmount> -jar <server jar file> nogui
    sleep 3