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  1. Hi, recently me and my friend were playing on our server until we needed the server to be restarted. He did the command and then the server stopped of course. When I got back on, my Nickname changed, not to my real username, but one that i made the first day of using my server. Then I tried to change it, but had no permission. Which meant PermissionsEx was messed up too. My prefix was gone and I couldn't use weapons and stuff. I would appreciate it if you could help.

    Console: Couldn't put into paste bin, log was too long.
  2. Pretty obvious what the problem is:
  3. It looks like there are multiple processes using the same world save, or you don't have the correct file permissions to write to those files.
    Basically when your server went to save the world it couldn't because the world saves were being written so the server just rebooted without saving. But because the server hasn't actually saved anything since and you rebooted the server which unloaded the world from RAM, your progress has been reverted.
    I would reboot the computer that your server is running on before trying to make any progress.
  4. How would I fix that?
  5. pkill java and remove all .lock files (hidden)
  6. I'm not that Techy, I'm using a Mac btw.