Server Rollbacks after /stop

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  1. So i run my server on a dedicated server (rsnet) and everytime i have a
    daily restart at nights i always save-all and stop the server to re-open on
    a screen to start the server again on a fresh start but players complain that
    there was a rollback on them heck sometimes even up to (9 hours ago) even
    tho i always do /save-all before i do /stop so idk whats going on has anyone
    come up against this and fixed it?

    mobarena is disabled so ignore it

    i do the following things before stopping the server


    and yes /save-on is enabled but tbh i never see it on the server saying (saving worled....)
    unless i do /save-all

    so yeah is there any reason why this is causing rollbacks on some players up to hours?
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  2. Maybe some logs? or Stack Trace on your server console?
  3. if you're talking about the startup log here it is

    Ignore the Skyblock world it was a for a schematic didnt work

    i get no errors when stopping or saving the world