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  1. Outlaw11A


    Hey spigot!

    I was wondering what you guys have for server rules. I run a PVP server, so griefing, raiding and stealing are allowed, but I want to know what you guys have for rules.

    Here are mine:


    [1] Griefing is Allowed!
    [2] Raiding is Allowed!
    [3] Stealing is Allowed!
    [4] Respect server rank and authority.
    [5] NO Whining, Whinging, or complaining. Deal with it.
    [6] NO Spamming, Advertising, Swearing or All Caps.
    [7] NO Cheating (X-Raying, Spawn-Camping or Nodus).

    If you have any suggestions, ideas and thoughts on how I can improve my server rules.

  2. Surely a pointless rule? If people don't use/have it anyway, will a rule really prompt them to suddenly not be idiots?

    I suppose it allows you to turn and say "Hey XXXXX, check rule 4 : use common sense, doofus"
  3. What are rules for if people don't read it.
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  4. Common Sense is great, though everyone does not share the same view of what common sense is.
    I try to keep the number of rules to less than 3. At least there is a minor chance that a user can be bothered to read them then, compared to when you get to a server with "The Chinese Wall of Rules"...

    I would cut down this list

    to something like;

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  5. Outlaw11A


    Wow! This is exactly what I needed!
  6. No Homophobia and Racism are good ones too.
  7. Sway

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    Here's mine.. It's not done .-.
    Code (Text):
    &8[&a-&8]&c Use &c/rules Griefing&f to read chat rules.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Use &c/rules Stealing&f to read Raiding/Stealing rules.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Use &c/rules Chat&f to read our chat rules.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Use &c/rules Mods&f to read our mods rules.
    &8[&a1&8]&c Any structures or blocks that you have not created/placed yourself may &lnot&r be broken without the other player's permission.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not spam the server chat with words, messages, etc.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not advertise other servers or companies.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not Join and leave repeatedly.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not forget to turn off that CAPS LOCK, it is annoying.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not Troll players, nobody likes trolls, and they are not welcome here.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not Post links in the chat, this is considered spam in most cases. We have a forum, so please use that.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Do not Bring drama into global chat. This is considered spam, and will most likely get you muted, kicked or banned.
    &8[&a-&8]&c All chests are automatically locked with LWC upon placement.
    &8[&a-&8]&c You should not completely unlock your chest as your things will not be safe.
    &8[&a-&8]&c This does not mean you should go around checking every chest to see if it is locked.
    &8[&a-&8]&c Removing items from chests that do not belong to you is stealing and will be punished accordingly.
    &8[&a1&8]&c You can appeal your bans on our forums. Do not ask for an unban in the hub server.
    &8[&a-&8]&c &cThere will be no usage of any kind of X-ray, invisibility hacks, dupes, bug abusing, slime chunk detectors, strong hold detectors, 3rd party software that gives an unfair advantage e.g auto clicker, etc.
    These are permanent ban worthy offenses
    &8[&a-&8]&c Reis minimap, optifine are an execption.
    Feel free to steal this. It looks sexy i know ;)
  8. CCT


    Having rules is basically pointless because no one is going to follow them. I mean "No trolling" that's just asking for it
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  9. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    I put 2 signs of simple rules, it's not there to prevent them but to show them a reason why I banned them.

    You are right, most of them will not follow the rules only a handful will.
  10. Sway

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    Trolls don't read the rules.
  11. SuperSpyTX


    If you make your server require using something like /agree to the rules, and state something like "If you break any of these rules, you will be banned" (like every server doesn't), then it's easier to moderate.

    Also, rules are great because it gives your staff members a guideline to what is not acceptable behavior and effectively ban offending players much easier. If trolls were to not read the rules and break them, then depending on the # of staff online, you can simply ban and/or warn them easier.

    Not having rules can be difficult, but it all depends on the server.
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  12. People follow my rules.
  13. joehot200


    I made a /warp rules, but few people seem to there (become redundant now), Most of the time i make no rules and then the (good) staff can warn the members if they are breaking the rules.

    Except no advertising, there really is not much rules for a member to break, unless they decide whining and spamming at a staff who already replied that they are busy is a good idea.
    Sorry for spelling, its past midnight.
  14. I run my server with 3 rules:

    1) Don't be a dick
    2) In doubt, see rule #1
    3) Mods and admins are always right, even if they're not

    Works out quite well :)
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  15. I just made a plugin where on your first join it messages you that you have to read the rules and accept them using a command, once you do this you can move and talk as well as join the minigame. It's simple and effective mods can just say, you accepted the rules and broke then.
  16. Sway

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    Share with us. :]
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  17. I guess I will, the thing is though it's quite hack and just promotes in pex and I have strict modify world. I will come up with a solution and use vault though.
    Edit: Looked on bukkit and found a plugin that "freezes" players, will look in the source and try do this.
  18. Sway

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    So you use this to promote players rather than denying build rights and use of chat?
    You had me all excited :[
  19. Outlaw11A


    He used Modify world to stop them chatting and building.