Server says I'm banned even though I am not

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by rockyroad83, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. When ever I try to join my server, I do /server <name>. When I tried joining my HCF server, (/server HCF), it said this:
    This is happening to EVERYBODY including myself. I have no idea why I am being banned. I was never deathbanned, nor the players connecting. I was on the server afk overnight, And I left, then tried to re-join and it said I was banned.
    Plugins:,, and
    Please help me fix this issue asap! Thanks
    - rockyroad83
  2. Lol, You are banned from your server? :D Try to check username and ip bans lists.
  3. weres dat and can i reset that folder?
  4. so you are banned on your own server? I see your server is a bungeecord server. Try going onto your console (the console of the server your trying to connect to and unban your username. If you have already done that then delete the banned users and banned ip's file on the server.