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  1. Hey! I'm looking for a server selector plugin that uses Bungeecord. I need assistance in finding one that works.

    • Works with Bungeecord
    • Edit Title of Chest Inventory
    • Command that can Open GUI.
    • Togglable or No Inventory Item.
    • Title, Color Codes, Lores
    • Online Players, Server Status
    • Note: Server Version is 1.9.4 (w/ Via Version)
    • I only want this on my hub server
    Example of Content I Want (Includes Server Status etc) :
  2. Hello you need this
  3. Hey! It's now working.

    I am currently having issues connecting the player to bungee, here's the current code:
    Code (Text):
            - '[close]'
            - '[connect] Creative'
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  4. you have to run this
    /papi ecloud download Bungee
    depends on what you are using here I leave the list

    make sure the name is the same as you have in the bungeecord configuration
  5. Hey! I updated the server to 1.12.2 and it is working well. My final question, what is the %___% to display the status of the server (Online / Offline). I already figured out how to display players.
  6. Look here there are your two options, if what you mean isn’t one of these two then this isn’t what your looking for
  7. Thanks for helping!
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