Server sends everyone to void

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  1. I started having an issue the other day with my server after i installed a few plugins, and have since removed them thinking that it would fix it. (sidenote: could uninstalled plugins create lingering issues?) Every now and then, like 10-20 minutes, the sever will do any of the following from one person to everyone online: 1) Cause the player to exchange to their number one in the hotbar, 2) Exit a boat 3) Screen to go to the brown minecraft loading background before coming back to the game in a sort of void looking place, but you are still in the world walking around you can sometimes see torch particles. I have tried eveything from restarting to optimizing some things for the servers memory. I'm running EssentialsX, Plugman, & NoSpawnChunks. What are some things that could be wrong?
    examples of what happens:

    The problem is not clientside, my friend is also having the same issue.

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  2. Ive re-done build tools, not sure what else to try. Anybody got any ideas?