Server Shopping for Large Amounts of Mobs

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by dysthymic, May 28, 2015.

  1. I'm currently on a Kinsufi plan with an i5-3570S 4c/4t at 3.1Ghz with 16GB RAM running at 100MBPS.
    My server is dedicated to several bosses and mobs at once.
    It seems to be very resource intensive. My player count averages at around 15~20 as we've just started up and still testing things out. My concern is I know I have a great server, but I don't think it can handle all these mobs. I really don't know the issue, we just lag quite a bit at times. I've had to set restarts to every 3 hours at an interval. I know server owners running PvP servers on my same server with 100+ players at once without any lag issue at all. How can I improve entity handling? Is there something specific I need to look at when server shopping when having large amounts of entities at once? RAM? CPU? Port speed?
  2. You should look at the CPU powerr if you want to have a lot of entitys. Did you already tweaked your spigot.yml?
  3. Is the console spammed with "Can't keep up!" messages?
  4. What plugins do you actually run on your server?
  5. No it's not. Just lags when we get in the 15+ player count. I am assuming it is due to the monster count obviously. But I've Already tried messing with performance stuff in Spigot. Helped a little but not enough. I am probably going to need a higher end server.

    We have SkillAPI, of course essentials and world guard and such, MythicMobs is probably a big cause but definitely a needed feature for our bosses, we also have ConauestiaMobs for setting stats to every monster, MyPets, a custom plugin that changes the enchanting system completely but that's not resource intensive. And Towny is resource intensive. I've modified their mob removal speed in towns to take longer and that helped with some lag as well.
  6. I've looked into a few options and one of i7 4790 seems like a good bet from ReliableSite. Its a big jump in price though. I'm paying $30 for my server currently and that i7 4790 with a ram and storage upgrade will run me a out $130 and I really don't want to take that hit of an extra $100 a month. It may be in my best interest to own 3 of the $30 servers now, and hook them through bungee and balance the players out and sync chat, set up portals for transferring servers if they wish. Would that work out well or anyone have another idea?
  7. Meh. First the idea seems nice and you don't think that the negative aspects are very heavy but with the time you will feel stupid to just copy files around all servers. I made this 2 times and after both times I wouldn't do it again.
  8. You should probably be spending time with configuring your server before looking at alternate processors, but the 1271v3 is the best CPU you can realistically grab.

    If you want to dare, see if you can get an overclocked 4790k with Intreppid.