Server skips night when not all players are sleeping

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  1. There will be a few of us (3+) on the server, 2 of them will go to sleep in their beds when its dark while the 3rd one is performing some activity (mining, fishing, etc.). The server will go and set the time as day as if everyone is sleeping when there not. How can I have this so every single player has to be in there beds before the server skips night.

    Is there a way to erase a players bed spawn point? As in set it back to what the default spawn point is? (I have all of Essentials).

    Also I noticed the the players hunger seems to go down a bit to slow. Any way to speed that up a bit?
  2. Do you have any mods or plugins that could be modifying this? Hunger depends on what the user has eaten.
  3. The player not sleeping has this permission:
    essentials.sleepingignored Description of Essentials: User isn't required to be sleeping, for time to be reset.
    The players hunger is caused by the saturation, the saturation depends per difficulty
  4. I negated that permission to all groups. I will see how that plays out later today.

    About the hunger, is their a essentials thing that could set a 2x hunger rate so everything that a player does consumes more food?
  5. Not that I'm aware of / could find about, you might wan't to try and look around in the essentials wiki for it in case it exists
  6. Essentials doesn't have anything related to hunger besides a /heal command that fills your hunger bar.

    Are there any plugins that could accomplish this task?
  7. See spigot.yml (not sure why this isn't in the Wiki... unless they removed this?)

    Code (Text):
      walk-exhaustion: 0.2
      sprint-exhaustion: 0.8
      combat-exhaustion: 0.3
      regen-exhaustion: 3.0
  8. I changed the values and will test later to see how that affects the server. Also the permission that was talked about earlier does make it so everyone has to be sleeping in order for the server to skip night.
  9. if the one person not sleeping has that permission, it skips night, so you have to remove the permission from them in order to make everyone required to sleep for the skip of night
  10. Ya I negated the permission from the admin group. They were the ones bypassing the sleep requirement.
    Code (works (Unknown Language)):
    - -permission
    Also the hunger modification seemed to work as well. Just raised the values slightly and its a little noticeable which is what I wanted.

    So I'm all good now. Thanks guys! :)