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  1. This is my final server specs setup. Please correct if something is wrong about my first review!

    Server Speculations

    CPU - Intel Xeon E3-1270V3
    RAM - 16 GB RAM (24 and 32 is available tho)
    HDD 1 - 128GB SSD
    HDD 2 - 128GB SSD
    RAID - Raid 1 (Require 2 Identical Driver) "What does the requirement means? Do I need to provide a driver?
    Network Port - 1Gbps
    Monthly Transfer - 5TB
    IP Addresses - 5 IPv4
    DDos Protection - 10 Gbps
    OS - Debian 7 (Latest)
    Control Panel - Multicraft (up to 5 servers)

    Total Cost - $144.95

    Server information
    Name : PocketPlay Realms or PocketPlay Network (What's better?) (Any name ideas too?)
    Player slot : 500 player slot

    What is the good color theme for the name PocketPlay? Example "Mineplex (color:eek:range)
  2. Ddos Protection is realy low gives you 480 Gbps
  3. Are you sure it says require 2 identical driver? I think it may mean drives. RAID1 is used to duplicate data across 2 drives incase of a failure on 1, however both drives would require to be the same size / speed for it to work efficiently (correct me if I am wrong).
  4. It said here "2 Identical drives" sorry for wrong word
  5. You can mix 5.4K and 7.2K rpm disks in RAID1 as well, however the 7.2K will spin down to the slowest factor. Are you building this on your own? I think most dedicated servers comes preconfigured with the raid config you want.
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  6. Thats ovh with 120Gbps
  7. Lol
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  8. Honestly , I don't have any about RAID :(:(
  9. RAID1 is about protecting data against failures but also drive more speed reading (as RAID0). It can combine different sizes of discs but will use the capacity of the smaller drive.
  10. Don't worry about it the provider will do the rest for you as you DO have the correct drives for the RAID 1 to be setup.
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  11. RAID-1 is a data mirror. It basically means that your data will be copied across two drives, so if one drive fails, there's a higher chance it'll be able to be recovered. It's not a guarantee, but certainly a higher chance. I tend to recommend it highly, especially to clients who don't also order a hard drive or have an external backup service.