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  1. Hey Spigot Community!

    I was wondering, how many players/servers could this handle? (A range is fine e.g. 50-100 etc.)


    Technology: Ivy Bridge
    Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (Intel Smart Cache: 8MB)
    Cores: 4
    Threads: 8
    Frequency: 3.4GHz+
    Turbo Boost: 3.8GHz
    Virtualization: Yes
    Ram: 32GB DDR3
    Hard Drive: Intel SSD 320 (2x 120GB SSD)
    Raid: Soft - 0/1 (Raid-1 by default)
    NIC: GigaEthernet


    Connection: 100Mbps
    Equipment: Cisco Catalyst
    Bandwidth: Unlimited

    Additional Information:

    Amount of servers: 3
    Plugins on each server:
    • Faction Server: 40-50 plugins
    • Kit PVP Server: 15-20 plugins
    • Prison Server: 30-40 plugins
    Hosting Company: (SP3 package $90.00/m)
    Server Location: North America (Most Likely Canada)
    DDos protection: None atm (Plan on using this idea. Click HERE)

    Thank you, make sure to leave a reply.
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  2. 2-300...
  3. I would say 350-400. Also, I am looking at renting a server from OVH in the near future for my new server Craft Arcade. Post back with your experiences! I don't understand how they do it so cheap compared to other hosts... anyone got any ideas?
  4. joehot200


    zaptrem i am with OVH's 3.2GHZ CPU. (32GB RAM, 120GB SSD)
    I have had a large drop of players latley, however with 82 people online, the server did not have the faintest trace of lag - this was with the default bukkit.yml and at least 40 plugins.
  5. How do they stand in DDOS attacks? What's your average bandwidth use?
  6. joehot200


    Was DDoSd with up to 95Mb/sec. At 80Mb/sec server started to lag. At 95Mb/sec it lagged massivley, but did not actually go offline. (100Mb/sec bandwith)

    Ovh did not nullroute the IP or anything. They did not even contact me about it. they said they can nullroute IP's from DDoS attacks, but in practice i think it would take at least 500Mb/sec for them to do so.
  7. Is 100mb/s a hard limit? Or is it passable joehot200
  8. joehot200


    I would like to know that too, i send them a support ticket about it.
    (Tags RBS0 so he can see the info)
  9. If your ready for poor support, then OVH is your best choice, I was with them, their support is simply shit
  10. You don't need to, just run a speedtest from the server box. (If you have a Linux GUI use if you use the console... there's gotta be something out there.
  11. R3DY246 what was you bad experience with their support?
  12. joehot200


    The speed is 100Mb/sec.
    Thats what they say it is, that what i experience it is.

    However it would be interesting to email OVH and see if the internet is upgradable.
  13. ok. Your server banner says 123/140 players online. With those specs and internet you should raise your player limit to around 300 to take advantage of it.
  14. joehot200


    When i look at a server with large slots and few players - it almost looks like boasting to me.

    about 80 people online average and 300 slots? That would still look like boasting.

    Edit: sent ticket to OVH, lets see how fast they respond.
  15. I guess.... My server Zaptrem World has 250 slots but only around 10-30 players. It used to be that it was near full 24/7
  16. joehot200


    I have also lost players - i now have only about 60 online - but as 3 days ago i had 40 online, i am regaining players quite quickley.
  17. joehot200


    Back on topic:

    sent ticket to OVH, lets see how fast they respond.
  18. Im not. The list I was on reset and I lost my spot.
  19. Ok. The timers running